80% of the time spent with our smartphone is dedicated to mobile applications. Marketingprofs estimates that we spend 94 minutes a day interacting with some app, which implies a considerable dedication, so that the developers of bets have to bet to improve the experience of the users, taking into account some important aspects that we should not ignore, and that doing so could become serious errors.

The serious mistakes of the marketing strategy in the development of mobile appsAn app is not a site

The user resorts to it to fulfill a specific purpose, not to navigate to see what it finds. Therefore, it looks at the screen, highlights the actions you want it to perform. Show him clearly and in simple steps what he has to do to obtain the necessary information, or how he can complete the action for which the application was conceived.

You can not treat the mobile screen as if it were the desktop

It has a much smaller size, which implies reading difficulty and usability. Therefore, you need large buttons, and a content economy, so you should show only the most relevant information. For example, if it is a translator, the app should include a text box to insert the content to be translated, a simple drop-down to select the language (if the most usual, default, better than the best) and a highlighted button To start the process. No more. The user does not want a welcome text or a series of convoluted instructions. A functional design will avoid unnecessary steps and will make the user easily get what they need, so the application will have fulfilled its purpose.

Disapproving the power of geolocation

If something differentiates mobile devices from the traditional computer is in the ability to know at all times where users are, which allows you to offer tailored information, around your area of action. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this great advantage, making the app an essential tool for users; So that you can bring interesting content, just where you need it.

Creates dependency, generates the need for user to reuse

Try to make your application essential for your users, to make a hole in your mind, or rather, on the desktop of your smartphone; Thereby achieving a preferred place that makes it there whenever the user accesses your device.

Do not offer any updates, improvements or news

The technology advances very fast, the users demand new functionality. It is necessary to optimize the operation, its speed of load and utilities. Also, watch that the application does not weigh too much, thereby slowing down the connection speed, preventing it from being operative.

If you want to monetize your project, do not launch your application without a clear sales strategy

An app must meet a need, meet a goal. It has to have some differential value that makes it stand out, either because it improves an existing one or because it has a special utility. However well designed and programmed it is, if users do not appreciate their real value, they will not decide to use it. It encourages interactions and allows users to share the application. Do not forget that the ultimate goal is to popularize your application, more downloads, more benefits.

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