In the social web content is key, but sometimes it is difficult to maintain a mix that is in line with a coherent strategy of conversion and what is also of interest. It is important to have resources and an extensive and dynamic content agenda. The use of multimedia content is one of the differentiating factors.

Before launching a social media and marketing plan you should know a few things about the business that will undoubtedly affect the content that we generate.

25 Ideas and Trends for Generating ContentThe ideas proposed below can be inspirational and can also make the rest of the company integrate into the editorial group.

“It’s true that a blog is like a blank canvas. When you’re not an artist you do not know where to put the first line.”

  1. Preparing a   regular content plan, a statement of intent comes in handy to get started.
  2. Go to  industry forums , experts area and Yahoo Answer to identify the problems of your sector.
  3. To  solve problems  to the audience, it is easy to identify them attending to commercial meetings and forums like the previous point.
  4. Focus the content on a niche audience, which is considered most valuable.
  5. Make  own presentations  of the company with didactics about products, objectives, strategies that can be shared and upload them to slideshare.
  6. Perform a  casting between the team to find the actor of the company that will be the protagonist of videos of the company, you can propose a  paid interpretation workshop to have a quarry of employees / actors willing to participate.
  7. Propose  remuneration in kind to employees who generate more content on the blog and social content.
  8. Develop Value Whitepaper for users who register with your platform.
  9. Conduct interviews with suppliers, customers … and create a category on your blog.
  10. Introduce your company team showing  its more human side, creating a content for each.
  11. Carry out a  very technical study / survey  on a subject related to your sector of activity or your clients, that nobody has done, and that can have an annual continuity.
  12. Make  podcast with different people, from different departments in interview format.
  13. To face each of the works that contribute value in the company. Create content with people as protagonists.
  14. Send your best contents through a  newsletter to your database of customers, suppliers, workers, contacts.
  15. Create a  physical forum for your clients and audience where you do not talk about your activity but the sector, trends, presentation of the study.
  16. Send a journalist and a camcorder to do interviews and reports on events that add value to your company.
  17. Provide periodic  and public recognition to the most participative employees in the creation of contents
  18. Build a content program with the main complaints in the customer service.
  19. Provide the ability for external contributors to create content.
  20. Create case studies and testimonials in video or text, with your clients or actions and achievements. Involve the commercial department.
  21. Create  free webinars and Elearning series to educate and train, especially in those more complex products.
  22. Organize Round Tables with experts from different specialties and record them in a podcast.
  23. Create infographics about the operation, manual, experience of your products and services.
  24. Create a  character or comic telling a different story about the company.
  25. Creation of Widgets, to be able to design and to program them with interesting functionalities for the readers (the time, ticket sales …)

If we are able to create only two contents for each of the points we will already have for a long time contents for our social spaces. From here we will be able to create other contents, but the root content already we will have it raised.

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