The power of Twitter as a powerful communication tool is simply undeniable. The speed that characterizes it, its wide reach and high diffusion capacity make it an effective method to publicize any type of information. Another of its great advantages is to track its activity, that of being able to monitor the social conversation around a subject. Something that, using hashtags, facilitates the classification of the information and the content from the origin, at the precise moment in which it is generated, allowing a better active listening.

25 tools to take full advantage of Twitter's potential in eventsThese qualities have made Twitter the great ally of events, especially in the case of those events organized by a company or organization, in order to promote a service, product or just the event itself. A form of face-to-face communication that has always existed, highly recommended when it comes to networking and strengthen relationships through the effect in person.

Therefore, it is not strange to see today that the vast majority of events have a hashtag, which allows a real-time monitoring of events, even for those interested who are not in situ; Which favors the diffusion of the act and, with it, of the objective of the act; Getting to extend its importance and the notoriety of it.

Thus, there are many tools that have proliferated around the hashtag, both for monitoring, an activity indispensable for any company that intends to develop an effective online presence, such as event-specific, that allow graphic display of social conversation that Is developed around the same.

Monitoring Tools

Alerti . A complete monitoring tool, which not only allows you to control hashtags, but also the mentions and everything related to your sector; In addition to measuring the activity that takes place in your community.

Follow the Hashtag . With which you can analyze the social activity of the last week, with a limit of 1,500 interactions. One of its advantages is the way it presents the information, in the form of circles, whose size depends on the activity of each user around a given hashtag. Ideal for finding influencers.

Hashtracking . To obtain a complete report that includes graphs and the most relevant tweets, also with a maximum of 1500 results.

Hootsuite . A must have within the Community Manager dashboard. This social network management tool also allows controlling the conversation in real time, thereby helping to adapt to the activity and encourage interactions.

Monitter , with which you can control several hashtags simultaneously.

Pyrendo . It offers valuable information about the hashtag’s reach, which can be extended in a maximum period of 30 days, allowing a complete monitoring and analysis of the evolution and results of the event.

SocialBro , thanks to its real time analytics, allows real-time tracking of the hashtag. A fact that, together with the rest of the features offered by this Twitter management tool, makes it a very useful resource for generating conversation and stimulating social activity around the event.

Topsy , which offers a complete X-ray of social activity, including information from other platforms, such as Google; In a very visual way, including images, videos, …

Tweet Archivist . It is very useful, thanks to the graphics and statistics it offers, which you can export to Excell.

TweetChat . Select the refresh period of the results and block content you are not interested in analyzing.

TweetGrid , to compare between several hashtags.

Tweetreach , as its name indicates , shows the scope of the term, along with the most relevant users.

Twittbee , one of the simplest and easiest to use.

Twitter Fall . Allows you to display the activity based on various configuration possibilities.

Twubs , another option for online monitoring.

Tools for projecting hashtag

Spot Neoformix , with which to create a very dynamic environment and highlight what information you prefer.

TweetWall Pro . Choose from a multitude of visualizations and customize the interface to your liking, including inserting banners.

Twijector , which displays the results as if it were a conventional time line.

Twubs . A simple interface to add your logo and display images and multimedia content.

Visibletweets , which also allows you to choose between several visualization effects.

Wiffiti . Configurable to be able to highlight those messages that interest you most.

Tools to graphically display an event hashtag

Once the event is over, mark up a bit and send your followers the results of the event, in terms of relevance and scope; All in a very visual way:

Another tweet on the wall . To see an animation about the tweets that include the hashtag.

Tweetdoc . Get a document as a result of the activity of the subject in question. , thanks to which it is possible to produce an infographic showing the activity of the chosen hashtag.

Which are your favorites? What other tools do you know?

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