Brands are realizing the need to contribute value, and for this reason they are betting on the marketing of contents, in all its versions. According to Nielsen’s work, this investment will continue to increase during the current year:

63% of advertisers plan to increase their investment in brand contentBased on Nielsen data, about 63% of advertisers plan to increase their investment in brand content this year. In addition, 20% indicated that their marketing budget will increase one fifth compared to the investment made the previous year, focusing on Social Media, mobile marketing and videomarketing.

Nielsen also indicates that 70% of brands are planning to increase their use of social networks. These 2.0 channels offer a unique opportunity to reach the target audience, as well as to amplify the spread of the message.

For its part, 64% of respondents said that videomarketing will be very present in their online marketing strategy. This bet on the new channels by brands contrasts with their investment in traditional media, where approximately 60% of respondents indicated that they would maintain their budget compared to the previous year.

Other studies also reinforce this trend. According to the Custom Content Council (CCC) annual report, focused exclusively on content marketing, investment in this area reached $ 44 billion in 2012, a figure that will grow as brands reinforce their strategy in This area, to the detriment of advertising actions.

The CCC recommends that companies direct their efforts to the new channels, which allow them to enrich their actions, improve the user experience and connect with them to another level. The development of strategies in this area can provide a competitive advantage over competition, reinforce its differential values and offer the target audience a different message, tailored to their interests.

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