Advertising spending on social media will reach 8,300 million dollars by 2015.

This is reflected in the data of a new report developed by the consultancy BIA / Kelsey, whose forecasts reflect a continuous growth of advertising spending by companies in social media during the next three years.

After the figures of last year 2010, where advertising spending on this type of media reached 2,100 million dollars, it is expected that the increase in this spending will continue at least until 2015, at which time it would reach 8,300 millions of dollars.

The consultant highlights above all the importance and relevance of advertising and display ads, especially in social networks such as Facebook where a large part of this advertising spend will be allocated by companies, brands and advertisers.

Of the total estimated expense, at least 7.7 billion dollars will go to this type of advertising. Although other advertising formats and innovations are also mentioned, such as other social networks such as twitter are being integrated into their pages.

However, the data and forecasts of the report do not include other media and advertising concepts such as advertising in social games, social commerce or social media marketing.

The report maintains the line of other similar studies such as those developed by eMarketer or the IAB itself, where the evident and important growth of advertising spending in social media stands out year after year.

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