With extensive professional experience in the world of Online Marketing, Roberto Cerrada stars in the latest interview of the search engine positioning agency Webpositer. His words dissect, in a clear and sincere, the need for companies to be actively placed on the Social Web always with “a correct business strategy and focused on the customer” that manages to provide value.

Roberto Cerrada, a renowned consultant in Online Marketing and Social Networks, talks about the potential of the Network of Networks to make any business more successful. In the interview for Webpositer, the coacher from Madrid declares that the key to the success of a company on the Internet is in its own website and in “giving birth to a correct business strategy” where the client is the main engine and, subsequently, “using all the tools of intelligence Attraction marketing “. Based on his more than 15 years of professional experience advising companies on Internet marketing, he argues that it is the only way to achieve optimal results and that these are not the product of “pure chance”.

Moreover, it underlines that the lack of specificity of a business strategy studied and ordered is “the reason why 89% of companies are not getting real business results on the Internet.”

Influence and persuasion, key ingredients in the strategy of Social Media Marketing

Knowing the secrets and virtues that hide the Social Media, Closed is forceful stating that social networks should not be used to try to sell. “Unless you’re Nike, Apple or a company widely known and loved in the market, it will not help.”

In contrast, his words invite the company to focus its presence on social networks earning respect, “the trust and love of its audience” with content that manages to connect the brand with its target audience. Otherwise, “if you promote ahead of time, the only thing you’re going to achieve is that people flee,” Closed.

The delivery of value and the response to the wishes of the public is achieved when the company is “accessible and visible participating in the same spaces where their prospects are participating”.

Roberto Cerrada points to influence and persuasion as a dose that can not be lacking in an optimal Social Media Marketing strategy. Thanks to the influence, it is achieved that “people feel good about your company and want to continue interacting”. For its part, persuasion becomes essential to achieve marketing objectives that, in the words of Cerrada, should focus on achieving “that your prospects jump from social media to your ‘marketing funnel'” from where the company can help to your audience hand in hand with your products or services.

Practicing what Cerrada calls “participative presence”, companies should be encouraged to “play” on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest because it is the environment where their target audience interacts, thinks and shares their desires, tastes and desires. Each of these social networks has aspects that make them unique. On Facebook, Closed encourages the company to participate outside its pages or groups to become visible, accessible and loved, and from its own pages, encouraging and encouraging participation. For this tireless trainer and disseminator, Twitter is a “pure” conversation space that makes it a “fantastic tool to engage your prospects with your company,” while highlighting the unstoppable growth of Pinterest capable of ”

We must go beyond loyalty to move to transformation

In 2010, we attend what Roberto Cerrada calls “Era of Transformation”, where social marketing reaches a primordial power within the marketing strategy of any company that bet strongly on the Internet.

It is in this scenario of change that companies must begin to “develop the customer experience as the key to achieving transformation”. Loyalty goes one step further to enter the field of conversion, making these loyal customers become followers or fans loyal to a product or service for how much it is able to offer. This transformation finds in the social web its center of operations and will be effective provided that in the background is accompanied by “some principles, a culture, in short, a perfectly differentiated strategy”.

Content Marketing, the reward of added value

Throughout the interview, the founder of Club Círculo de Marketing de Madrid maintains, as great specialists have already announced, that content is the jewel in the crown of Online Marketing. Roberto Cerrada advises companies to deliver useful and frequent high-value content to the market, a task that will make it become a benchmark in its sector of activity.

“Stop talking about you,” exclaimed Closed, because the content produced by a company should not fall into prominence, self-promotion or focusing solely on the products and services of the company. The client and his concerns will be the cornerstone of a Content Marketing strategy that leads the company to actively participate in the Internet, creating and disseminating content in all possible formats including mobile devices.

The content that delivers value to prospects “becomes the best way to achieve diffusion, presence, influence and persuasion.” However, Cerrada recommends providing “useful but incomplete content”, which helps clients and leads solve their doubts and problems but only in part.

From your personal blog as well as in its weekly program Diasdemarketing.tv, videos are one of the most used resources by this tireless entrepreneur to analyze the changes and progress that take place in Internet marketing. In the words of Cerrada, “the democratization of the creation, edition and diffusion of video makes it possible for marketing developed by a company to multiply its results”, while obtaining greater influence, credibility and diffusion of the brand. Its immediacy, effectiveness and capacity for emotional connection with the target audience place Video Marketing in a position of honor among the most outstanding online marketing strategies currently.

To all these ingredients, Cerrada points out what for him is the most powerful tool to achieve a firm position in the market: Strategic alliances. Thanks to these actions, the situation of a company can change “from being a complete stranger to expand its ability to influence and reach.” Internet for its accelerating capacity and its economy favors the closing of strategic alliances that, accompanied by the best-known marketing tactics of attraction as well as the newest, offers spectacular results.

Great challenges for the closest Online Marketing

Encouraging entrepreneurs to “change focus and reinvent their business now” in a scenario as uncertain as it currently is, Roberto Cerrada wants Online Marketing in Spain to start telling stories, marketing with a feeling where the video will be the key format. The time has come to ‘almar’ the marketing strategy providing it with life and sharing those sensations and experiences with the prospects of the company. What will require a “change of mindset on the part of businessmen and managers” that Cerrada is convinced will occur.

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