46% of marketers have a marketing strategy content, while 37% are working on it, though, when it comes to know the effectiveness of their actions, only 25% measure their results in social networks. Skyword data reflect the objectives and strategies followed online marketing professionals:

What goals meets the strategy of corporate marketing content?

According to the study, conducted by Unisphere Research, 68% of marketers seeks to promote engagement with your target audience. Almost half (44%) showed interest in increasing brand awareness, along with 23% who decided to become a reference.

As important as providing quality content is knowing how to measure your ROIBrands also seek to attract customers and increase your database based on your content strategy. 38% pursues attract leads, while 37% is directly focused on growing its customer base. This leads to improve your bottom (35%).

On the other hand, 29% expressed concern about keeping your customers and loyalty by, while only 20% seeks to strengthen the link through social networks. It highlights the fact that only 22% use content marketing to get more web traffic, or improve its position in search results (12%).

What kind of actions includes your strategy?

In order to attract the target audience, 64% of brands chooses to offer quality content through its corporate blog. How could it be otherwise, social networks are present in this action plan; 68% for social networks are a key part of its strategy of content. 60% applies shares LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, while 31% are in Google account and another 24% options. Half of the companies surveyed appreciates the importance of audiovisual content, including YouTube in its strategy.

What content share?

87% of respondents believe their own content, with its internal resources, 24% outsources this activity, and another 17% content curation practices.The star of the strategy are content articles (76%), highlighting second video (60%). Moreover, the visual content is also present; a third of respondents share presentations (33%) and infographics (26%). This type of information is mainly concerned with the company’s products (77%) or use recommendations, with reference articles on the sector. industry news (57%), corporate (56%) are also present. Its main objective is to provide quality content, relevant and attractive to your audience (66%), even extreme quality (44%) and in sufficient quantity (53%). More than half of the companies generated between 1 and 10 pieces of content a month, 23% would like to increase that amount.

What results obtained?

When measuring only 1 in 4 respondents admitted to being able to assess the impact of their actions. 33% are working on it, and another 11% are not sure know how to do properly. Among those who did measure the results of its strategy, 48% achieved its primary objective, experiencing greater closeness and engagement with your audience, along with 41% who saw its brand awareness. Approximately one third of respondents indicated that got new customers and leads, which allowed him to increase sales (26%).

Their measurements are based primarily on recording the number of reviews and social interactions (67%), the benchmark measure traffic (62%) or direct responses, such as the case of discharges (42%). 47% explicitly counts the number of Likes on Facebook or LinkedIn, or RT (36%).

As important as generating quality content it is to measure their results and identify the audience response. Thus the brand will be able to optimize the strategy, thereby maximizing their results.

Do you measure the ROI of your content marketing strategy? What kind of actions are those that work best in your case?

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