Many times we have deepened the importance of starting any “company” in Social Media with the clear identification of our objectives. A theme no less if we take into account that social networks are platforms that allow us to communicate (with all the power that underlies it).

Showing quality, creativity and commitment, with each shared content, with each video generated, with each tweet, is in itself the key to the success of a marketing campaign. And for that, the objectives that we pursue must be totally explicit. But it is quite true that with this type of actions we begin to build a social brand but … what happens when we seek to build a social enterprise?

The Social Media are without a doubt, the most direct and effective means to contact clients and allies. However, it is at this point that the CRM (Customer relationship management) enters the scene and where we stand in front of the first concept error.

Brand or social enterprise ?, Different concepts and the key; in the Customer Relationship Management

Many of the brands that fail in their Social Media strategies do so because of a mistaken identification of their objectives, which leads them to focus their actions more on Management (marketing) than on Relationship (personal relationships). That is why to clearly define whether we are a social brand or a social company, we must pay attention to the keys left by the CRM who has evolved towards its more social side.

Brand and company differ mainly in their organization and connectivity internally. In the way in which the merger of the “team” is achieved and in the way in which the employees themselves are internal clients linked and with their own influence. The key to being a social enterprise lies in having a solid strategy and an integrated team.

Objectives, 1st Relationship and later, Management

It is clear that for any company, achieving its commercial objectives is the prime reason for its existence. However, at the present time, the great challenge lies in giving power to the Relationship since this is the most efficient way to identify the real needs of our customers which, immediately, increases the chances of reaching our final objectives .

Social brands that make up social enterprises

With all the above we can conclude that the current social universe allows us to efficiently form a new model in which social brands are able through the joint benefit of joining in order to consolidate increasingly social companies.

For this, our companies must establish relationships with customers adapted to the new communication paradigms, this transforms us into a social company whose brand … is seen as influential and relevant within our market and industry.

The company “is” for the client

The customer service has finally managed to locate itself in the place it should have always occupied: The company is for the client, the brands exist because the customers have needs … something that goes beyond the product and the sales and that It is only possible by taking the fast track, the one that requires us to demonstrate that we are capable of satisfying others rather than ourselves.

The CRM today gives us the answers and you … that you want to be a brand or a social enterprise?

By ZsuNC

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