The big nightmare of every CEO is investing large amounts of money and time in advertising campaigns only to discover on many occasions that the target audience is not buying their products. Measuring the effectiveness of advertising is a very difficult task and very often, companies see few tangible results in their advertising efforts.

Consumers are part of the challenge for advertisers. A Nielsen study shows a series of levels of confidence for different forms of advertising and where web pages of brands and companies with 70% acceptance or text sms with 24% are some of the highlighted examples.

In general, 56% of consumers reaffirmed their trust in traditional advertising. However, the Nielsen report indicates that the highest level of trust is generated through the recommendations that consumers receive from people who are close or familiar, reaching a confidence level of 90%.

But when traditional advertising does not work, what should be done? How to influence the confidence of customers and consumers? For this, there are some important aspects that we can highlight and take into account:

Understand your customers . Some research in this regard has shown that customers recommend an organization when it is transparent, clear and not ambiguous, and it is crucial to understand customers. The best way to get it? Listening to them, assert their opinions.

Capture and take advantage of positive opinions . The testimonies of clients and even non-customer consumers are more reliable than traditional forms of advertising. We have many places to collect this information (social networks for example), so we must look for feedback because they are people who can influence others.

Search and emulate brand ambassadors . There are many employees that provide a service far beyond what we imagine, that for their dedication, treatment and good service generate loyalty in the clients that later return. Many companies do not know who they are, but finding them will give us the opportunity to learn from them.

Reward customers who recommend us . It is possible that customers are prone to recommend us when we reward them, so it is worth offering them something, be it coupons, exclusive offers for them, or our catalog a few days before launching it around the world.

One of the final benefits of this type of strategy is that customers who come to a company on the recommendation of a friend are more likely to stay for the long term. 37% still participate compared to 26% who came through other methods.

To obtain higher income, it is necessary to promote the recommendations of the clients, with which it will be imperative that all aspects of the company focus on providing memorable experiences to all people.

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