When you hear about the Community Manager it seems that they are talking about superior beings, who perform heroic feats, all day saving the company from serious dangers; it is impossible for you to live without them … This makes it become a profession with a certain appeal, that everyone wants to know more about it. There is no doubt that this is one of the fashion professions, but how do you become a Community Manager? Is that studied? Do you have to have a special genetic condition? it is contagious? In short, is it done or is it born?

If you want to be a Community Manager you have to become a born communicator, as well as a great connoisseur of the marketing arts. To succeed in this field irremediably you have to study, preparation is essential, having a training base provides a background that will facilitate the task when facing each situation that comes your way.

In addition to dedicating yourself to saving your company as a superhero, you must perform analysis, planning and evaluation tasks, for which a series of specific knowledge, such as sociology, market research or statistics, will be very useful. an advanced level of use of management tools, statistical analysis and monitoring, essential when planning and executing an effective strategy; Remember, power without control is useless.

But besides this, to be a Community you have to be born with a sixth sense, a special sensitivity, it is undeniable that you must possess some innate qualities, which are not taught in any academy or university, however prestigious it may be:

Left hand

It is not about being left-handed, but about trying to take the situation to your land, showing off your communication skills, showing your interlocutor the respect it deserves. You have to be a negotiator, like those in the movies, where you have the difficult role of mediating between the kidnapper and the police, to get the hostages safe and sound, in this case you have to save the situation and The reputation of your company comes out unscathed.

Lateral thinking

You have to have the ability to see things in a different way to other people, adopt a creative attitude, which will open the doors to find a graceful exit in each situation, know how to react in an unexpected way. At the same time you have to be proactive, set the pace of events and take the reins so that circumstances do not exceed you.


Do not forget that you are at the head of a community, you will know how to win it if you act with simplicity and honesty, you hook them with your enthusiasm and you get to empathize with them, also using, why not? a touch of irony and accepting criticism with a sense of humor, nobody is perfect, not even you.

Therefore, a Community Manager is an online communication professional who puts this philosophy of life into practice in his work, making his work his way of personal fulfillment. It is not about fulfilling a schedule, but to carry out a mediating function between your company and the community that manages it. It is absolutely essential that he has adequate training, but he must possess innate qualities; to be a self-taught person who reinvents himself with every situation that arises, which he must face in a creative and professional way. Do you gather these qualities? What other characteristics would you add to describe these “special beings”?

By ZsuNC

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