One of the tasks of the Community Manager, as we all know very well, even, the most important of the tasks he performs, that of community dynamizer.

We have said many times that one of the requirements to form a community around a brand is the need for the brand to be able to have a voice and a personality of its own that makes it stand out from the rest, that makes its community feel that is always attentive to your needs. Close and friendly.

But, as we already know, behind a brand there are always people, and, in particular, the professional who is in charge of creating and establishing that differential voice, who detects and satisfies the needs and other issues related to the audience is the Community Manager.

On the other hand, there are many supporters to humanize the brand, so it is positive that in our profile there are no avatars, but an image that allows us to identify the person behind the brand, because in Social Networks the relationships between Interactions are made between human persons.

However, many companies prefer to give their corporate account an impersonal personality, that is, they prefer that the brand responds without having its own identity, since, as they explain, they run the risk that if the user, if the audience gets too involved with the Community Manager and they put a face, name and surname, follow the Community Manager, and not the brand. It is not good that it becomes essential, because, as we know, jobs come and go and the moment it is replaced by someone, the brand runs the risk of losing the connection it had achieved with its audience.

The companies that advocate to make their Community Manager unknown, also rely on the fact that if at any time this is not there, and the community knows and follows it, someone has to pretend to be him, which is not an act in network. The impersonation is not very well seen.

In addition, for the brand what is really important is the tone and the conversation that the Community Manager creates for her, not her own. What prevails is the protagonism of the brand over that of the Community Manager.

However, in certain social networks such as Twitter, users prefer to know who they are talking to, prefer to know that the Community Managers have a name and surname, so it is advisable for the brand to present its Community Managers in the different social channels.

Also keep in mind that the brand can get a lot of benefit from the personality of its Community Manager, if it is known by the audience, since it can fall in grace to the community and drag users to the profile of the brand and get so longed for leads A charismatic Community Manager can greatly favor the interaction of your community in the different channels that the company has open. On the other hand, a Community Manager known by users can use this aspect to establish different relationships with other professionals, which will always be beneficial for our business.

And what do you think? Anonymous or known Community Manager?

By ZsuNC

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