Having a content marketing strategy today has become a necessity and not an option that we can do without.

The Branded Content  is again a way to engage our customers from value – added approaches. We must be able to understand their needs and reach them with additional quality content. It is fundamental to define very clearly what it is we want to communicate to users and see what kind of media fits our communication: websites, magazines, blogs, apps, presence in social networks, etc … and always responding to the same objective : facilitate The choice of purchase in our favor, without being invasive, or blatantly advertising. This is very easy to say but really complicated to execute.

Content Marketing A Must for the BusinessIn the field of online commerce, where any user can search for a particular product in seconds and perform another and another, when not resorting to a meta-searcher, which directly saves you the hassles of having to perform those multiple searches (an example Paradigmatic is the world of online travel, where there are endless comparators) to check the differences, often tiny, price. Our brand is obliged to differentiate itself and must attract the user, to dispose a singular argument of sale or proposition that makes us better than the competition and this argument is none other than our additional content. Working on a Pull strategy to attract and interest consumers, that is,

Returning to the example of the tourism sector, listening to our client, knowing the needs and concerns prior to his trip and helping him to clear all those unknowns, makes it easier to find that differential content. That is to say, show you the singularities of the different destinations, as well as what you can do or see while you are there, with updated information and contents through apps that you can enjoy while traveling or while on vacation, as well as multimedia guides to know what Must carry in the suitcase or whether or not you need a visa, are tools of differentiation that will undoubtedly help us generate an interesting online relationship with the user to take the step and become a customer.

In my opinion, and paraphrasing Javier Regueira in his ebook #brandcontentcookbook, “the fans are approaching when the content is good” so we must implement a serious strategy and really careful the contents we spread.

By ZsuNC

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