Isabel Herrera works as Online Marketing Specialist Vodafone which performs tasks Content Marketing, Copywriting, multimedia content creation, SEO content, etc. In addition, he is responsible for Vodafone blog and participate in different projects, from planning and strategy, communication and marketing plans to put into production. It combines all these functions with the training of agents and new employees at Vodafone.

With over 10 years experience in the publishing house Axel Springer, he worked as Section Chief Editor software and video game magazine Personal Computer & Internet and PC Craze. He is also a founding member of blog and head of Communication and Marketing of Digitalis, where he participates actively in the development, design, strategy, communication and marketing of a new app for smartphones Meteorology.In his teaching, he is a professor of V Master in Marketing Techniques Online KSchool, which begins next October 18. Therewith we talked to address the exciting world of content marketing.

Content marketing is a way to build loyalty and essential to any companyIsabel, what’s your day as Online Content Marketing Specialist at Vodafone?

At Vodafone we attach great importance to the content to meet the needs of the customers. To achieve this, in my day to day I undertake to analyze metrics, call typification study, observe what the customer needs and demand in social networks or even the Vodafone Forum itself. With all this information I elaborate content in different channels: Blog Vodafone section Help Vodafone, Forum, private areas … In order to improve the level of customer satisfaction in the online environment and perceive us as a brand that offers value.

Many people talk about content marketing, what is your vision?

For me content marketing is essential in any company, because what it does is get a very close relationship between brand and customer. It is a way to build loyalty. We are tired of receiving advertising everywhere trying to sell products or services, and we get a lot of information through different channels, so get the attention of customers is essential, if we have a good content will get us read and convert that attention into sales . It is what is called economy of attention.

Does Marketing content is at odds with the ROI?

Generally Marketing content is based on a long – term strategy and the ROI it is usually not immediate. Although we also find examples that work in the short term and in real time and if they get a more immediate ROI, as happened to Oreo in the Super Bowl.

How content strategy with other disciplines is related with SEO, Social Media, etc.?

There is a phrase I like to repeat: “What is not seen is not sold”. So if you generate content on the Internet where you content is a tiny micro part (if not more), how can we not think of SEO, SEM, Social Media or any other technique that helps you make yourself known? The content you generate can not be written as such. words that will help you position the contents to be analyzed, make use of the channels move more help and thus ends up being shared by other users.

When working in a multinational, you see much difference between the way we do marketing to how you work outside our borders?

In more mature as UK or US online markets profiles are being incorporated with experience in content generation, whether journalists or creative. The agencies are changing hobble to work and many already have a “Content division” that will soon pass the same. So we can say that in the coming years those working in departments content companies will have good opportunities if they develop a good overview.

Where evolves sector?

I’m sure that will come out new ways and formats of display content. And they are the mobile phone and tablet devices par excellence in which you have to put focus if we want to position the brand as offering the best content marketing. So we offer them real value to the customer, whether for profit or fun; offer content without interruptions or advertising and leverage current time to generate content in real time.

You are a professor at the  V edition of the Master Marketing Techniques Online,  Is training in the online sector is important?

Of course it is. The training allows us to have a base that is what helps us achieve our objectives and goals. In addition, all “online” we can say that it is practically modern and, therefore, training in this field consider necessary. There are real experts in the online world that carry a well full of experience and you can learn a lot backpack. Having a good online training will allow us to know how to optimize content, knowing what real scope is having, determine returns and thus be able to get more value for our brand with the resources that count. Not only must know how to create content, then you have to learn to move, measure and optimize it.

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