The almost obsessive character by Google to defend the quality content is not new. To fulfill its objective has 2 Minions: Panda and Penguin, who after her innocent appearance hides a great power to sink your page in the vastness of the Internet and banish it from search results forever.

Now we are surprised with a new type of organic results, the articles “in-depth”, which aim to provide more comprehensive content on the area of interest of the user in question, offering content with a treatment “in depth” of it. It is high quality items that will have a privileged place, regardless of what his organic positioning.

Google shows us the way Quality contentThis is a new opportunity for content creators, you can see how Google rewards the result of their work, offering a privileged place. To do this, the browser calls attention to optimizing the content is provided, following the usual basic premises, which include paying attention to the title, alternative text for images and the inclusion of the most relevant keywords in the text.

From now on, the English version has a space that will include a maximum of 3 items under “In-depth articles” that appear within the page of organic results, particularly on the right side. It is expected that these 3 references remain stable over time, so that must be content quasi timeless effect. In principle Google has no plans to market this space.

Definitely, the content strategy is one of the key elements in the marketing strategy of any company. 80% of marketers think that is the future of marketing, and it occupies 25% of its budget. On the other hand, users actively seeking information about what interests them. In addition, they prefer branded content rather than advertising; 7 out of 10 users are left with the content rather than with a brand ads. Google has interpreted as anyone this need, going even beyond. This new implementation is the answer to the request of 10% of its users, who demand more, high quality information about their interests.

Have you learned to listen to your users? Content is what they prefer?

By ZsuNC

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