Both large and small businesses continue to seek ways and new ways to promote and market their products and services during the difficult times of economic recession.

The crisis has been the trigger that has led many companies and advertisers adjustments and drastically cut their budgets and investments in marketing and advertising, although there are many who defend the position that cut ad spending in times of crisis can be considered error strategy.

Guerrilla marketing benefited from the crisis and the emergence of social mediaWith decreasing marketing budgets and reduced availability of resources, many brands and businesses turn to using alternative strategies and formulas to convey your message.

The need to develop effective policies of marketing and sales in companies with low budgets and limited resources has become a critical factor in ensuring the survival of the project in difficult times. Ambush marketing strategies such as, Street Marketing or Guerrilla Marketing have served as a practical solution compared to conventional techniques for those looking to generate a different impact on consumers in times of crisis.

In this sense we have to take into account that the effectiveness of Guerrilla Marketing is not only the direct ROI of action, because there will never be more than several thousand people ad-hoc achievable, so we must think about the rate link information regarding news generation and the value of free space in mainstream media.

In addition, with the emergence of networks and social media impact of related or generated through the actions of guerrilla marketing, strategy takes on a new dimension where its effect and impact are multiplied with a large viral component, transferring borders and with the ability to get to where other traditional campaigns are not able to reach.

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