Renowned specialists in the sector such as Joan Jiménez (Social Branding), Jordi Giménez (BrainVentures) and David Riu (BES La Salle) will answer this question in the

How can the brand contribute more value in these times of crisis? Recognized professionals of the branding sector will answer this question in the framework of a conference that will take place next Thursday, June 18, at the Kursaal of Donostia-San Sebastián in the ‘IV Branding Conference Here and Now. New times, another way to generate value through the brand ‘.

The session, organized by the Faculty of Business Sciences of Mondragon Unibertsitatea and AZK with the collaboration of the Chamber of Guipuzkoa, APG and Innobasque, will gather at the congress center of San Sebastian experts from the sector such as Joan Jiménez (Social Branding), Jordi Jiménez (BrainVentures) and David Riu (BES La Salle) and will have the participation of the Director of Marketing of Tekniker-IK4, Itziar Cenoz, and the Director of Promotion and Promotion of Eusko Label, Alazne Uribarri.

The aim of this conference is to raise awareness among the business world of the need to consider the brand as a key strategic asset when competing in increasingly global markets and to transfer attendees various methodologies to address brand management in order to to generate value for the client and the company.

For this, “we will reflect on the factors considered critical for optimal management of the brand in increasingly less traditional and more complex markets,” explain the organizers of the conference.

Presentations, round table and workshop

The day will start at 9.30 in the morning from the rector of Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Iosu Zabala, the director of AZK, Juanjo Brizuela, and the General Director of the Promotion and Communication area of ​​Innobasque, Pilar Kaltzada.

The director of the business and technology department of BES La Salle and co-author of the book ‘The new Brand Management’, David Riu, will speak about ‘The challenge of building brand day by day’. At 12.00 the BrainVentures founding partner, Jordi Giménez, will talk about ‘Innovation in women’.

A round table will be held at around 13.00 hours where the ‘Management of Basque brands in differentiated environments’ will be discussed. The session will include the participation of the Director of Marketing of Tekniker-IK4, Itziar Cenoz, as representative of the industrial field; and the Director of Promotion and Dynamization of Eusko Label, Alazne Uribarri, who will contribute his vision from the field of consumption.

In the afternoon, from 4:00 p.m., a practical workshop will be organized under the title ‘Your brand is you’ guided by Joan Jiménez, of Social Branding, with which the Conference will conclude.


Joan Jimenez, Social Branding

Explorer of Branding, and communication 2.0 and creative multidisciplinary, is the author of several works, such as the e-book on 2.0 “How to cook your brand”, “21 postures to make love with your customers” or “Brandland, the fable of the new world “, of the project + brandguide,” the guide of brands and people that lead them “, of + brandworkmeeting, together with Toni Mascaró and Marta Carballo and Spoonch,” The brand of an attitude “.

David Riu, director of the business and technology department at BES La Salle

He is director of the business and technology department of BES La Salle. Doctor in business administration and management from ESADE and trained in innovation and strategy at MIT Sloan.
He belongs to numerous associations and institutes as an expert in brands, and is a reviewer in academic conferences on this subject.

He has written and published both academically and professionally in national and international media.

Professionally, he has always been linked to brands as a consultant for his strategic planning and communication for communication group clients. He is co-author of the recent book ‘El nuevo’ brand management ‘published by Gestión 2000.

Jordi Gimenez, founding partner of BrainVentures

Bachelor in Economics, Business Administration and ITM. He has worked in almost all fields related to marketing. His basic training led him to work in strategic research for 10 years in different consultancies, such as reads PRM International and Hamiltom IE.

He entered the world of strategic advertising planning at Vinizius Y & R, where for four years he was responsible for the strategy of more than 20 accounts, including Nocilla, LU, Bacardi, Alfa Romeo, Eecoembes, La Piara Solano, San Miguel, Bocadelia , Tarradellas House, La Sirena, ABC, Avecrem, Nocilla Actimel, etc.

A year ago, together with Antonio Monerris and a group of planners, he founded the BrainVentures Strategy workshop. Since then he has directed projects of branding, innovation and knowledge management for companies such as Gallina Blanca, Schweppes, Panrico Donuts, Altadis and within Euskadi for Seguros Lagunaro and IF perfumerías.

He has been a consultant for new companies and entrepreneurs of the Innova program of the UPC and professor of marketing in different public and private universities in Barcelona.

Alazne Uribarri del Olmo, Director of Promotion and Promotion of EUSKO LABEL

He started working for Eusko Label 17 years ago, since its inception (1992). First as the Regulatory Board of the Basque Food Quality Label and later as the Kalitatea Foundation, the entity was created and evolved with the main objective of promoting the quality agri-food products of the Basque Country.

Since then, he has participated in its gestation and has held different positions with various responsibilities.

Currently he directs one of the two areas he has. It has in its team 9 professionals who are involved in the revitalization of agricultural, livestock and fishing subsectors, the training and information of consumers, the promotion of sales of products with our brands, the corporate image and internal and external communication Of the entity.

Itziar Cenoz, Marketing Manager of the IK4 group

Itziar Cenoz has a degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Deusto and a Master’s in Executive Education from ESADE.

Lately he has worked as responsible for Marketing and Communication in Irizar S. Coop. Since 2007 she is the Marketing Manager of Tekniker-IK4 and member of its board of directors.

Itziar has been in charge of launching the Strategic Marketing process at Tekniker-IK4, specifically focusing on the positioning and promotion decisions of the brand, the definition and implementation of the communication strategy and the management of relations with the agencies. and media.

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