Many of the people with whom we find ourselves throughout our daily evolution in the development of our activities are not as “sensitive” as the social universe may require. On occasion, communication in the digital environment is accompanied by a clear tendency to “misunderstood”. Obviously, eliminating visual and personal contact from communication makes the establishment of a solid link much more complex.

Social networks tell us how, the time has come to demonstrate that we are capable of loyalty.

At the present time the consumer (customer – internal or external) needs to live an experience to bond with our brand and without any doubt, “experience” is synonymous with sensitivity, which we need to generate an “emotion”.

Social networks have given us the keys to exalt the values ​​inherent in human beings and apply them in the form of “doing business”. Undoubtedly, the lessons learned during 2011 in relation to the keys to capture the attention of our customers, are but the prelude to the merger between the real world and the virtual world where we must also denostar, that we are able to build loyalty.

No doubt, the strengthening of ties occurs as a result of a constant interaction, in the long term and sustained by the fulfillment of commitments by both parties.

This implies clarity, transparency and honesty, that is; have nothing to hide To achieve this, dialogue and social interaction are allied but, doubtless, the client’s knowledge is not until we shake hands and talk about a coffee.

2012 places us before the enormous challenge of demonstrating that we are capable of being “social” in the real world.

When a client jumps from the social universe to the real world and we put face, we realize that behind each click there is a “prosumer” like us, who seeks to achieve their goals and grow their influence, and our brand, is necessary to achieve it

Being in direct contact with our clients is not only a step in the strengthening of trust – the central axis of the relationship – but it also allows us, as brands, to face the challenge of checking if we are qualified to pass the final exam. will give us the title of “social enterprise”.

Additionally, the nature of Facebook helps us to understand why it is so important to face a client if we seek their deep knowledge. It is much easier to evangelize a client who knows us, has seen our children and family, our landscapes and books of interest and … our face.

We know that today it is necessary to establish real links with our clients, to understand their objectives it is essential to identify their needs and interests.

All of us; clients and producers, who act simultaneously constructing horizontal networks supported by satisfaction and feedback, we are people, shaking hands with a client, looking at their eyes in a conversation, sharing their stories, is the most efficient path towards the maturation of the trust.

By ZsuNC

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