Yesterday I read a message sent to the social network that I like, Twitter, which commented on the comparison of social networks with the Diogenes Syndrome. At first, I must admit that it hit me a lot, but then, as I was thinking about it, and, frivolous as it is to compare social networks with a disease of this type, I was seeing the meaning of the tweet.

According to Wikipedia, it is “a behavioral disorder that normally affects older people living alone. It is characterized by total personal and social abandonment and voluntary isolation in the same home, accompanied, in most cases, by the accumulation of large quantities of garbage or other household waste. ”

Let’s focus on what I want to exemplify. I repeat so that it is very clear that I do not intend to compare, let alone two terms so different in form and content.

There is no doubt that entering Social Networks requires a lot of effort and time, and, of course, dedication, sometimes so much that it is necessary to disconnect so as not to be in front of the computer screen 24 hours a day, although, on the other hand, thanks we are connected to smartphones continuously, and that is something that someone who does not dedicate to the dospuntocero can not understand, thinking that, and I quote literal words that have told me more than once, “you are hooked to the screens, or to the of the mobile or the computer. “They have also reproached me more than once that being in a meeting with friends I keep looking at the phone,” that you isolate yourself in your world and do not socialize “. This is a paradox, if we think about it well, since to be social in the media, you have to “de-socialize”, since most of the time, we spend it in front of the computer.

This is a 24-7 job, as someone explained to me when I started in this world, and that requires being accessible all the time, and this is only understandable to those of us who dedicate ourselves to this.

During our workday, whether we are Social Media Strategist, Content Curator, Blogger or Community Manager, we are forced to perform different tasks: find influencers, be alert to possible mentions, monitor our reputation, locate interesting content to disseminate, continually update through links to interesting articles, reach our community, get fans and followers for our different brands … a variety of things that require us to accumulate, not only comments, but also favorite links, people to follow because they contribute added value, tools to use in the performance of our daily work …

This is the fundamental point: where some see an accumulation of meaningless things, I see a great opportunity if we use it well.

I give you an example (for those who do not know me, I love to exemplify): if we do not do our job well, Social Media is a trunk in which we put all kinds of things, whether toys, records or tennis rackets that do not We never use a lot of unusable things. However, if we are smart, we can take advantage of all these things.

I see Social Media as the launching chute of Cape Canaveral, which is where all the NASA space missions take off. Let me explain, the launching platform would be the Social Media itself, from where the rocket of our branding takes off towards online reputation, piloted by all mentions, retweets, comments, well-managed social networks and shared content, which would be the crew .

With this I mean that everything depends on how we use it, we can give it a use that allows us to be better in our work every day or throw our work to the garbage can.

And you, how are you going to use it?

By ZsuNC

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