Solomo, who, me? Probably. Although it may sound like the name of the artist of the last song of the summer, SOLOMO is the term that encompasses the Social, Location & Mobile, an increasingly growing trend of integration. The increasingly widespread use of smartphones has led to a new way of acting on the Internet, taking social networks and ecommerce to the streets. It only remained to unite the geolocation and we already have all the elements to interact here and now: Is your business ready for the SOLOMO era?

Social. If others do not know it, it has not happened. If you do not share your experiences with your contacts, it seems that they are not funny. You like to leave the mark of your passage through this charming place and tell others “I have been here”. Social networks know a lot about this characteristic so typical of human beings and focus their activity on it. Our Internet browsing tends to be increasingly social. When we browse a site, we like to know which of our contacts has also visited it, what products it likes and, of course, what are its recommendations. Make the experience of users on your website social, offer them the opportunity to share their favorite products, leave their comments. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the +1 button, it is tremendously useful in this regard.

Local. Surely you would like to know what is near you, what is cooking around you; In short, what activities or offers of interest you are missing. Companies have to take advantage of having customers at their fingertips, they just have to go out the door and shout “I’m here and I have a lot of interesting offers to offer you.” For this, all the elements involved in geolocation must be worked in depth .

Mobile. The fundamental piece that fits this new perspective of action. Smartphones have come to revolutionize the way you do things, plan your day to day, and even work. Now you carry in your pocket your friends and even the office; You have the world in the palm of your hand. It is already essential that companies have optimized their website for mobile devices, in addition to generating content and create campaigns and actions specifically for these, using all the tools at their disposal, such as GQ codes or applications such as Instagram.

This is the germ of SOLOMO, which has only just begun. The trend is to the total integration of ecommerce, mobile applications and social networks. All at the click of a mouse, in a few seconds you will be able to know the products or services available around you, to know the opinion of your friends about them and to complete the hiring process. All fast and easy, are you ready for the SOLOMO generation? What applications do you see for your business?

By ZsuNC

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