Content, access to quality information, those knowledge that from the perspective of the consumer, transform us into “influencers” of the brands we follow, while in parallel, we are becoming producers, generators of more information, more quality and more content

Today the experts in marketing and advertising as well as the Community Manager know that it is essential to change the focus of communication. It is necessary to captivate, to achieve that the content linked to our brand becomes a determining variable for its global growth. But how do we achieve success with a strategy of converting customers through the content in 6 steps?

Focus, niche, competence and originality, the importance of the theme selection

Undoubtedly the message that transmits the brand in the online world, must be consistent with the voice of the company. Additionally, it is necessary to provide each of our content with the added value resulting from combining knowledge, talents and experiences.

Approach, niche, competence and originality, are central axes of the choice of a content marketing strategy designed for the conversion of our traffic.

Content conversion strategy

Among the main objectives that brands seek to cover with the staging of a content marketing strategy, is the generation of additional income. For this, it is necessary to create a strategy that minimizes ignorance about what may be more viral. What we only achieve through the delivery of unique content that is integrated into the habits and customs of our specific target.

Content planning

Once we have selected the topics that we will address, it is necessary to bear in mind that the planning of a content strategy should focus on 3 essential aspects.

  • Update: Messages that are sent as part of the commitment to the permanent delivery of quality information (news, trends, information of interest).
  • Projects, information related to events or new launches planned by the brand.
  • And campaigns, which require the support of offline media and with which the influence of the company is built.

Conversion of social content

While it is true that to know in detail what is shared by users in social networks, we would need to make a detailed study and analysis, there are some variables that help us identify how social content is an inexhaustible source of information for those responsible of content marketing strategies.

Games and contests continue to attract consumers, in the same way, what is called structural collaboration that involves involving consumers in market studies, new products or brainstorming sessions, as well as the transmission of positive messages and current events of interest. for the community, they are some of the most efficient actions to achieve the conversion of our target thanks to the social content.

Management of conversations

The cotenido is shared, by clients, by suppliers, by interested users, in order to maximize the viral benefits of quality content, we need to receive feedback from our target, supported by the 3 pillars of social action; observe, facilitate and participate.

Metrics, the road to efficiency

The measurement of the success of a content strategy is done through the impact they generate, how many roads are and how they affect both the company’s objectives, directly, as well as the marketing objectives and the influence of our brand.

Recall to finalize that, a content marketing strategy will be more successful, the clearer the objectives we pursue with it and the more integrated they are in the company’s global plans.

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