It is a fact that communication between people is changing, as well as their ways of consuming and their needs. Far away has been that naive consumer, who adopted a purely receptive position to the messages that brands transmitted incessantly, about their products or services.

Today we find “socialized” and active consumers, digital explorers, who search the social networks for the ratings, evaluations or reviews that other users make about a specific product or service. They consult videos and delve into all the details before making their purchase decision.

They acquire emotions and criteria and, in turn, generate opinions, derived from the knowledge and perceptions they obtain in the journey towards the satisfaction of their needs. And it is in this context that Inbound Marketing is located.

Inbound Marketing is a way of understanding marketing based on maximum respect for the consumer and quality communication. In Inbound Marketing it is the consumer who decides, who discovers the brand in their own interest and who, with their consent, agrees to receive information from it.

That is why brands must reach their potential consumers understanding their needs and providing solutions. They should report on their activities, argue the benefits that their products or services report and generate their own quality content, offering interesting and value-added resources.

It is necessary to generate relevant content that excites, be it for its creativity, for its ability to entertain, for its proximity or for its pedagogical or informative nature, so that these become a channel of attraction of potential customers to the brand. Once the contact is established, a dialogue and interaction is generated that the brand must take care of with care and dedication.

This “new” way of communicating brands, whose main axis is content, is based on a mix of online marketing strategies, based on digital presence and communication:

  1. Have a good strategic plan . It is necessary to carry out a prior strategic planning that establishes clear objectives, define the client profile to which we are going (who is it, where is it, what do you like, etc.), determine the available resources and analyze the competition.
  2. Have a customer-oriented website . It is so important that the web take care of the corporate image, as well as that it is well structured and oriented to satisfy the needs of the client. The web must have a correct usability, provide the right information and offer solutions to the user.
  3. Develop SEO . It is essential to improve search engine positioning, in order to gain greater visibility, as this generates more traffic to our website. The more visits are obtained, the more the conversion possibilities increase, as long as the website is correctly developed.
  1. Have a Blog . As an expert in the sector where she carries out her activity, the brand is the most indicated to provide information and solutions related to the business object and the needs or doubts of the client. The blog must contain quality articles that provide real value to potential customers who visit it. Likewise, content marketing contributes to the development of a positive online reputation, to create brand awareness and generate confidence towards it.
  2. Presence in social networks . Company pages on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, among others, allow dialogue between the brand and its followers. An attitude that is concerned with the needs of consumers is necessary to obtain an optimal level of online reputation. It is important to take care of this relationship and maintain constant contact, almost in real time. It is also important to perform periodic monitoring, to know what is said about the brand in social networks. In this way, communication generated between the different users can be managed correctly, so that the online corporate reputation is not impaired.

The combination of these strategies will satisfy the need for information and knowledge of consumers, thus generating greater opportunities for them to feel more attracted to the brand and its products or services. In addition to making it known from different perspectives, it will provide greater notoriety and strengthen confidence in it.

By ZsuNC

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