One of the most important tasks that a good Community Mangager has to do is listen to the followers in the channels in which the company is present and listen to what is said about the brand on the internet.

Thanks to this listening you can correct products, processes or services, offering our customers or potential customers what they demand.

It will not help anything if actions are carried out in Social Networks if we are not going to effectively attend our followers.

If we do not have an effective feedback with our community, we will not be able to offer what they demand, and we will be becoming mere issuers of information, with which success in Social Networks will be more difficult.

Listening is a task that can be complicated because for it to be effective, we will have to learn to eliminate noise and interference.

For this, we must flee from prejudice, guided only by logic and coherence as a starting point to understand what is trying to convey our community.

We must bear in mind that in the face of incomplete information, we tend to add the information we lack without knowing whether it is true or not, simply so that the message fits us.

To correct this, you must ask questions to clarify everything we doubt about the message received, so we eliminate the interference, we will understand the message and we can offer an adequate response.

We should also be aware of the context in which we are formulating the consultations, because if we do not know it, we surely do not offer the answer that the user is waiting for.

Using confirmation questions on the one hand we show interest in the matter that they are transferring us and on the other hand we can collect all the necessary information that will help us to complete the message that is reaching us.

We can not forget that the objective is to give an effective response to what they are consulting us, and these techniques will help us to do so, but they are a means in no case are they the end.

By ZsuNC

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