Any marketer misses Expansive those years in which companies sell their products and services thanks to the enormous consumer demand rather than good business practices that took place? If so, do not continue reading these lines.

Even as the stakeholders the same as at other times, the current crisis is changing the role played by each of them in relation to the company and its products. And in this exchange of roles, the consumer is the one who is winning the game to the other interest groups.

Living back to the digital worldThe game of consumption works, definitively, when the consumer takes out of his account, through any means of payment, the money necessary to carry out the final transaction in the purchase of his products or services. That is, it is more necessary than ever to analyze consumer habits, motivations, interests that move consumers to relate to brands, etc … so that the wheel keeps spinning.

The importance of qualitative and quantitative research to identify ways in which brands and consumers are in the best conditions has increased, if at all.

Independently of the moment, the companies can be differentiated between those that have tried to understand the consumer, investing resources for it, and those that have not done it (still wanting to do it).

Before the digital revolution, large companies (and only a small part) concentrated, above all, the first group because of the resources required to develop such projects. However, currently, the tools of web analytics that analyze the arrival of users to the sites allow analyzing the approximate volumes of users coming to the web pages from different channels (organic, social networks, campaigns), the times of consumption within the sites, content consumed by consumers within websites. And of course, the transactions that occur on the page of e – commerce , which will generate the volume and value of sales through the online channel.

These systems have their limitations (depending on the tools), but it is allowing the implementation of the measurement of indicators within the companies’ processes, regardless of their size and resources, something that until recently was not in the list of needs and , Let alone priorities of the same. In fact, many small and medium-sized companies are taking the lead over many of the big ones in that regard.

Therefore, the proper use of technology is democratizing a market, always governed by the consumer, allowing users to analyze both qualitatively and quantitatively.

And from there, starting to ask questions about the return of marketing actions, will be a natural step that will lead to greater innovation in business, make them more efficient and sustainable over time, which will build a more competitive business fabric face To the future, that has already come to stay.

By ZsuNC

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