The mobile is a very personal device, which means that users perceive as intrusive any type of action not previously requested.

In this way, they do not welcome pop ups, gigantic banners that make it difficult to read the content, and even the ads that are inserted into the apps. In addition, many of these advertising formats are designed so that the user falls into them by mistake; There is nothing more annoying than clicking in the unwanted place, and that said click will take you to a place where you do not want to be. These practices only get a negative response to the brand.

Mobile advertising does not have to be always intrusiveHowever, there are ways to advertise, without being annoying or too intrusive. How?

Sponsored Content. Users search for their own initiative on the Internet about products that interest them. Why not bet on quality content, linked to the brand image? You can do either sponsoring the articles of some recognized online medium or blog, or creating a corporate blog. Your target audience will sincerely appreciate that you contribute useful and quality content, tailored to your interests.

Advergaming. According to MediaBrix, games get a higher CTR than traditional online advertising campaigns. Always keep in mind that leisure and entertainment attract users, who interact with these types of initiatives, and encourage them to share in their environment. In addition, the same source indicates that users do not reject advertising in this format, as long as they report some kind of advantage.

Product placement. A format we all know about the 1.0 medium; The more explicitly we will remember the use of this practice in a familiar television series, where much of the daily activity of their characters revolved around the kitchen table, which was plagued with food, which clearly showed The manufacturer’s mark. It is a type of advertising that, treated in a creative and elegant way, can awaken in the user the interest to know more about this product.

Ads preroll in videos.  The video is one of the formats most demanded by mobile users, to the point that already accounts for more than half of the total content. While for many you may not like the idea of waiting before viewing a video, “short-lived” preroll ads can be highly effective.

Projections indicate that in 2017 more video will be consumed than any other type of content through handheld devices. For this reason it supposes a good support to insert advertising. Preroll ads are included just before the videos that users select on Youtube. In order not to be annoying, it is advisable to give the option to the recipient, to skip this announcement from the first 3 seconds of projection. The basis for achieving the greatest impact and that the recipient wants to see the spot is to squander creativity from the first second, in such a way that captures their interest and wants to see it to the end.

Publicity definitely does not have to be annoying, but must be integrated with the environment, providing value, conveying a concept of utility to users, combined with lots of creativity and fun.

Do you find online advertising annoying? How would you like it to be?

By ZsuNC

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