Some guidelines described here are common sense, which is often the least common of the senses. Although we will see it quite clearly, it is important to take it into account, it will depend on whether the effort made in the creation of the newsletter is rewarded or not.

Better than knowing when the best time to send a newsletter is to know when it is NOT.

We can create the best newsletter in the world, with reports, monographs of interest, a spectacular headline, send it and not get any response. Therefore we must take care of both one thing and another. We will emphasize when is the best time to send it.

The general rule is to try to put ourselves in the “skin” of the person who is going to receive the message. In marketing this is called empathy. Surely many of our subscribers or potential customers are companies.

Many are the ones that when they arrive at the office on Monday, the first thing they do is read the email. Obviously I receive hundreds of emails (many of them unwanted or spam) and start deleting emails until there are a few of interest.

We do not want our newsletter to be surrounded by dozens or hundreds of emails “competing” for your reading, so we will avoid sending newsletters on Fridays, weekends or early Monday so they do not get together with many others.

Keeping in mind that email, in most places, is read several times a day, we will send our newsletters at noon or early afternoon, to avoid the agglomeration of emails each morning. In this way the “competition” with other emails will almost disappear.

Periods very close to festivities, holidays, etc. They are not good for shipping for the same circumstances. Therefore, if we usually make a shipment at the end of the month, for example, we will avoid doing it in August, and we will wait a few more days to do it at the beginning of September.

In addition, in times close to festivities, let’s be realistic, we do not think about investing or buying certain products, we think about how many days we have left to go on vacation. What to buy will already do when we return.

Whenever possible, we must take into account the festivities of other provinces or regions. Our newsletter will be of national supply, for example. If we know that in the whole country it is a holiday except in our city or region, let’s try to delay the shipment for a few days, or if we have a database of subscribers by provinces or regions, let’s make different shipments, delaying the ones that we touch.

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