Consumers are becoming smarter every day. Always with innumerable sources for the search of products, brands or location of information, they know what to look for and where to do it. These customers are willing to visit your website and make purchases and for that reason, perform comprehensive and multi-channel marketing actions is a must for any vendor if you want to be successful.

The use of search engines, both from desktop computers and from mobile devices, has skyrocketed. One possible reason is that they have become the best ally when it comes to answering questions, as well as the fact that consumers are becoming more specific every day with the queries they make. In conclusion, they offer an informative service that is very relevant due to the number of sources they provide us.

Companies and merchants, however, are also becoming smarter every day, trying to show relevant content through various channels. To respond to these searches by users, more specific content is made, the SEO is entered, paid to appear on maps, have product images and are on social networks. The integration continues to continue improving the results and the precision with which they coincide with the queries raised.

If to this we add that throughout the world and mainly in developed countries, mobile searches have doubled (or more), maintaining the quality and accuracy of content is almost an obligation.

When we evaluate the DAC Group’s report, we find that search engines continue to dominate business decisions made at the time of purchase. Its use has increased every year and we see that in 2009, 51% of users resorted to them and this year the figure is already at 71%.

However, the use of directories, such as the yellow pages, was reduced from 33% in 2009 to 27% today, showing that the loss in this sector has been minimal, but it should also be taken into account that These do not substitute searches in any case, as consumers go here when they do not find information on other sites.

In order to be successful, companies must be present in all possible channels, although it is expected that searches will slowly continue to gain ground to directories. However, being present in both is nothing more than continuing to expand the online marketing strategy which would be beneficial for the company.

In addition to being active on all channels, including social media and networks, which ensures the return of the consumer is the accuracy of the information provided and that is what can not be lost sight of in the short term, more with the speed that the changes are happening.

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