The search for new customers is the biggest challenge for small businesses, and to achieve this they are turning to a wide variety of online marketing channels to achieve it.

According to a recent survey developed by Bredin Business Information, small entrepreneurs were the most likely to point out that they used websites as a channel to find and reach new customers (85.8%), followed by e-mail and marketing. searches, each of them used by about three quarters of respondents.

With a confidence interval of +/- 5%, the results of the study can be used to indicate the high level of experimentation of small businesses with digital marketing.

But while expanding the use of online marketing, respondents indicated that this year they are less satisfied with the effectiveness of channels, including the website, email or search, which were also reduced despite being the most effective

This can be explained due to the current wave for which many companies are entering the new communication channels, which do not obtain results like those that are already online years ago. In addition, some may be overwhelmed when trying to deal with several channels, when they do not have the time and resources.

“You need good learning from small businesses, to know how to use and measure online marketing tactics,” said Stu Richards, CEO of Bredin. “In many cases, companies are struggling and now there is an opportunity to educate SMEs,” he added.

The study also showed that websites and email were the greatest in effectiveness. As for social media, there is optimism about its effectiveness, especially with Facebook.

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