Mobile is becoming more and more important in our lives. According to the report by Nielsen and ComsCore, approximately 40% of our online browsing time is done through mobile devices. This implies new habits, behavior patterns and needs on the part of users, and that not only companies but also SMEs have to take into account when designing their strategy in Social Media.

  • Half of the traffic recorded by Facebook pages comes from mobile devices
  • 87% of Twitter users who access through their smartphone, are significantly more active in this social network, consult their profile several times a day.
  • Youtube is the social network with the highest traffic mobile registrations, in addition to the second most important web for mobile users, only surpassed by Google. The third place is shown by Facebook.

SMEs must also be aware of the influence of the mobile in Social MediaAccording to Danielle Cormier, Social Media Specialist at Constant Contact, these are the main keys that small businesses have to take into account about the influence of mobile devices in Social Media:

Mobile users is accompanied at all times, is a very useful tool in many respects favors instant communication, allows a constant interconnectivity and is an important source of information and entertainment. Mobile users use it to check their email account, use the applications to know the weather or the latest sports results; Interact with their friends through social networks and, of course, seek information on what they need at any time.

For this reason, it is important that small businesses work to make themselves visible through mobile devices, bringing his local establishment, launching their geolocated promotions, optimizing your site for search engines or geoposicionando your business. In addition to getting the most notoriety in social networks, developing an adequate online presence and creating a community around your service or company. In this way you will be able to be referenced and be present in the social conversation of your followers, increasing the probability of reaching your contacts.

What can SMEs do to take advantage of the social activity that is given through the mobile?

The first step is to check the current relevance of the brand, looking for it through the mobile as well as Facebook, to check how it appears, what kind of information it shows, and if all the data is correct.

From there, optimize the local information, verifying if you appear in the section of Facebook “Near you”, otherwise revise both the configuration and the category in which your company is classified.

Another very important aspect is Google+ Local, whose adequate optimization can give much visibility to your site in mobile searches.

Foursquare can also boost your business, especially since you have opened your information to the public, so that unregistered users can also access the comments and recommendations of your business.

To promote online awareness of your company is important to have the support of those who are already your customers, so encourage them to value your service, to share their experience as a customer and, in definitive, to promote you. Your opinions are your greatest treasure.

Monitor the social conversation, optimize your radars to detect the specific needs of your target audience. It will not be the first case of a tuitero who needs a cheap and comfortable hotel; If you help him, even if you are not a hotel, he will know how to thank you and, taking advantage of what is nearby, you may enjoy eating in your restaurant, or buy in your store.

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