Information about products, services and brands through the internet is growing exponentially. This implies that in the face of such variety and volume of information, consumers now have to compare much more when making their purchasing decisions, according to their real needs.

Of course, given the diversity of options, online users and consumers are increasingly taking into account the confidence transmitted from the experiences, opinions and ratings of other users through social media.

However, faced with this new scenario and despite the advantages offered by technology, the customer is the one who has the last word and therefore merchants and companies must strive to use their resources and strategies to develop their actions and communications transparently and transmitting the greatest possible confidence

To analyze this new relationship between companies and consumers, PowerReviews developed a study with the aim of analyzing the behavior of users with respect to the general confidence in online shopping processes, and where special attention was paid to the role of media and networks social networks as channels through which to modify the perception and interest of consumers through the comments, opinions and recommendations of its participants.

The results of the report highlighted several trends that undoubtedly mark the new phenomenon of “Social Purchases” and where the new role of the consumer is highlighted, on which most of the control in electronic commerce processes rests. on-line.

Similarly, the study shows that online consumers consider tools such as search engines and social networks such as Facebook, an important source of information when it comes to “research” or compare any type of service or product using the experiences of other consumers and the variety of opinions about the products they want to buy.

This trend is undoubtedly growing and more and more buyers are turning to the opinions of other customers to make their purchasing decisions.

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