Generally, Social Media professionals are aware that the idea that many people have of the totally wrong. Social Media goes far beyond Twitter, Facebook and all the tools we can use.

Social Media is conversation, and the conversation does not understand tools or metrics, although they are necessary to analyze and measure our progress when implementing a strategy.

As professionals, we must establish a series of scales to measure, for example, the visits recorded by our website or blog, how many followers we have on Twitter and how many fans on Facebook or, more importantly, how our community interacts with us: how many retweets and mentions we have, how many comments on our blog and on Facebook …

The interaction between Community Manager and audience is fundamental, or what is the same, between the Brand and its community, its ownership, but it is not about how many people follow us, but how much quality those followers and fans contribute. What the community says and where. That is what really matters.

There is no doubt that we all like to see that our community is growing day by day, that is our job, and it is a sign that we are doing well, at least in terms of visibility, but how do we know? If this community is really interested in what we say or if, on the contrary, it follows us for other reasons?

The result to that question is interaction.

Obviously, interaction happens to be visible, and that visibility can be obtained thanks to the use of tools, since it is impossible for anyone to speak of what we say if nobody sees or listens to us. The tools are a means to reach more people, but going further, we must focus on achieving interaction, generating conversation, since the best publicity for us as a brand is the satisfaction and interest in what we have to offer from the audience. She lifts us to the top or takes us to the bottom.

In many occasions we can find cases of companies that have not done major marketing campaigns and that have not spent too much on advertising, but that nevertheless achieve great benefits, not only economic, but in terms of Branding, with which they get a Strong and trustworthy image facing your audience.

No matter what actions we carry out, and we do not need more than to participate in the conversation with the community, that is the best dynamic that we can carry out.

If we try to perform thousands of different actions to reach our community, we will think that we do not have clear ideas and that every day we invent something, that we improvise, and that will not give us a very positive image. We must maintain a strategy of humanization, and that, unquestionably, is to approach the audience and talk face to face.

By ZsuNC

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