About half of Americans who use news reading apps do not like ads on any of the platforms, much less mobile ads.

Nearly two-thirds of tablet owners in the US use them to read the news in them. This conclusion has reached the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism, and although many of them have ended up being very active users of applications of readers, they reject that these platforms count on publicity.

Tablet owners like to read the news but not the adsPew has identified that reading news is the second most common activity of tablet owners, both daily and weekly, only slightly outweighed by reading the email, and much more ahead than playing on them or use them to access the popular social networks. Reading news is as popular on tablets as smartphones, where 36% of users said they accessed daily and 62% weekly.

In neither type of handset, readers were comfortable viewing ads. Nearly half of all users commented on their refusal to meet ads when they read the news, including desktop computers or even print publications. Only 5% said they preferred to see ads on tablets and 4% on smartphones.

Sixty percent of tablet users said they used search engines to read the news, compared with 23 percent who preferred to do it in the most common applications. Apps were 5 points less popular on tablets than on smartphones, probably because on larger screens they preferred to use web pages instead of tablets, or because there are fewer tablet-specific applications than smartphones.

Those users who use applications seem to be more inclined to read larger articles and materials, and to spend more time reading news, unlike browsers.

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