Increasingly, small businesses are turning their eyes towards Social Media and everything related to Social Networks as a means to amplify their message and show themselves to consumers as an equally valid option to offer larger companies and resources, to be more competitive.

The Big Impact of Social Media on Small BusinessesAlthough Social Media is not the goose that lays the golden eggs, new social channels allow smaller companies to connect instantly with customers, consumers in general and potential employees, they can bring the voice to an audience that could hardly reach another way.

But how do they do it?

It is necessary to remember that Social Media offers consumers a much larger and more global market, giving them the possibility of turning the internet into a great showcase in which brands must strive to seduce the customer by showing them that they are the best choice of service and of purchase against the competition, for which they need to establish their online presence in the most effective way possible.

To do this, and according to data obtained from sources such as Constant Connect, eDialog and ExactTarget, as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, 73% of these businesses opt for Social Media as a method to make a dent in their niche market. 91% of small businesses continue to use a classic tool in their most commercial version, email, and develop mailing campaigns to get more customers and loyalty to those who already have.

A broad 95% of SMEs opt for web marketing, that is, they base their strategy on their website as their main tool, while 77% still trust as a form of promotion in the advertising, although for many this form of promotion is already obsolete. However, online advertising, with 69% of users and event marketing, is getting more and more empty, with 53%, a percentage that, although not very wide, is growing more and more.

These data show that increasingly small businesses are more aware of the benefits that can be reported by Social Media, getting into the car of the two point, in fact, 62% of businesses that are not yet in the social ecosystem think of submerging the year and 81% of the businesses that have already adopted it, plan to increase their endowments for this.

There is no doubt that SMEs that enter Social Media do so with the intention of obtaining benefits, such as attracting new customers, an objective that 80% of businesses pursue, which use email every day to send promotions special.

In spite of the emergence of these means, the traditional ones still have an important gap in the marketing strategy, since 65% of consumers positively value to receive offers in the mail, besides that 76% of the young North Americans affirm to have bought something thanks to the publicity received in his mailbox. And, of course, 65% of adults over 50, prefer paper advertising.

However, Social Media is gaining more and more ground, and 82% of users declare that Facebook has a great impact when consuming a certain product, percentage that decreases up to 47% in LinkedIn and Twitter, and that grows on video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo by up to 73%.

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