Results of the Market Study? Why are customers lost ??? performed by RMG & ASOCIADOS, strategic marketing consultancy …

Changes in consumer trends, new skills, inefficient management of companies … The market is full of factors that cause the loss of customers. It is the responsibility of managers to know the defense mechanisms against such enemies, to minimize the influence of these obstacles.

The lack of solutions to the current needs of the client and the absence of added value to their expectations are the main causes of the loss of customers in organizations, according to 57% of respondents in a study conducted by the Strategic Marketing consultancy RMG & Asociados, through the International Marketing Forum.

The results of the survey relegate to other positions other reasons such as the existence of lower prices in the competition (15%), or the mismanagement that is often made of the claims (11%).

The study shows that, regardless of the crisis, there is an economic and cultural change in which society is immersed. In this way, the vast majority of people, up to 73%, believe that the company and its marketing strategy are to blame for the reduction of customers.

In this sense, up to 41%, points to Management as the main responsible, compared to 32% who blame the absence of a Marketing policy. However, only 24% of respondents give this responsibility to the lack of professionalism of the sales team.

It is the board of directors of a company that must evaluate these results and seek constructive solutions to avoid the impact of market obstacles. A very efficient tool to create a compact audience is customer loyalty, which can be carried out in numerous ways by Management.

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