Sorry to disappoint gurus predict social networks in some articles, the “e-mail marketing” dead and “ newsletters” too. According to the study “ 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report”  conducted by Optify says that the best generating traffic to company websites b2b, is the “e-mail marketing”, standing at the head of the best strategic actions marketing b2b , after live events.

With the experience of over 7 years managing and publishing newsletters digital enterprise, I can say that if the content of the newsletter is of high value and quality for your readers, open rates of 35% to 45% are achieved in each publication with a high number of clicks on the links of the proposed articles that provide a high-value traffic quality blog corporate and commercial web company. These percentages usually remain stable in each publication and if you look at the annual opening of enrollees, have the pleasant surprise that the percentage rises from 80% to 85% in which during the year have opened the newsletter.

The effectiveness of the newsletter in the companies b2bThe main advantages of making the effort to publish a newsletter every month or shorter periods, are:

  • It announces to the interested public the new articles published in the corporate blog of your company.
  • Keeps informed of the innovations of the sector to your customers and potential customers.
  • Provide information to help your customers and potential customers.
  • It shapes potential customers in specific topics for a subsequent demand for product and service.
  • It provides regular direct and personal contact with customers and potential customers, helping them fidelizarse.
  • Encourages readers to visit the website and increase traffic to your visits.
  • It enables you to show the latest work done by your company.
  • Share contents of high value and interest for the inscribed ones of the subjects of the sector.
  • It allows you to publish the calendar of upcoming events in person and online for your business.

I personally believe that one of the secrets a newsletter keeps interest over time readers, is being focused publishing and maintaining professional issues. The proportion of the types of content that I think is appropriate:

  • Content own corporate blog Recent articles: 25% of the content of the newsletter.
  • External content shared on topics of interest and training in the sector: 45% of the content of the newsletter.
  • Industry news and funding sources Project ID: 15% of the content of the newsletter.
  • Advertising the services of the company, calendar of upcoming events, news of past events, new offers …% u2026: The rest

Some ideas on what content to publish:

  • The problems that the managers face to solve problems of the companies of the sector; If you can give possible solutions, opening the dialogue with readers.
  • Explain in articles how to do certain tasks that are common in companies in the sector.
  • Introduce new tools that can be an advance in the sector and its productivity.
  • Analyze and create opinion articles on topics of interest in the sector
  • Share and publish interviews and videos of influential people of the sector.
  • Create training articles on ways to make use of services that improve the productivity of your customers.
  • Create surveys to collect opinions from your readers of controversial topics in your sector of activity; Analyze and publish them.
  • Publish reports on sector statistics and possible future results in the medium and long term.
  • Create or share articles on strategies that serve your readers to solve specific problems.
  • Share relevant information! This is the secret of your success.

Make your newsletter more relational and participatory:

Encourage your readers to share articles and content of your newsletter on social networks. Put tools that are easy for you to share with all social platforms. Create community, strengthen relationships. The next step to having aspirate a newsletter that works, is to form a specialized vertical community.

The newsletter digital is one of the tools of marketing strategy most promising for companies b2b . I personally think that social networks open up a world of great possibilities for this type of strategy marketing content.

Analyze and control the results of each publication:

Apart from controlling the openings of the newsletter, compares and identifies what the content more have visited your tool sent e-mails massive, and what has been the contribution of traffic to the blog and corporate web with Google Analytics. This will give you clues to improve the content of interest of your readers.

What is your opinion?

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