The way we communicate has changed, we have discovered that together we have access to more information and, therefore, we are more capable of choosing. We think differently, we are consumers with a scale of values ​​and different needs and simultaneously, producers of everything that we observe as an unresolved need.

If there is something important at the present time to achieve a definite jump towards the “social enterprise”, it is to make a change in the model of thought from within the company.

The need to generate emotions requires developing new tools that allow the management of the imagination. As in marketing, the management of the imagination requires the optimization of the relationships that make up supply and demand. Marketing focuses on the market and the management of the imagination in the messages that cause impact. Marketing points to the common elements of its target and the management of the imagination to the differences between them.

The great challenge is found in the absence of a standard formula for the effective management of the imagination. This is so because we are building our personality and therefore, it must be unique.

Applying the management of imagination in fusion with marketing strategies fosters a social order based on “experience” The structural change that involves the integration of emotions in the strategies of companies, remains the main challenge to achieve consolidate emotional companies .

Another issue not minor derived from the staging of a business model focused on emotions and sensations, lies in analyzing the effects derived from a new order in which the segmentation stops being made by economic levels and becomes interest, needs and values.

This results in the need to structurally modify the thinking model, the organization charts and the evaluation of the results obtained, within the whole of the new economic order.

The emotional, social companies … the new company has before it – in addition – the enormous challenge of permanently encouraging its clients to become producers and work as a team, which encourages the constant emergence of new experiences and new needs.

It is obvious to say that to achieve it, deliver all the information needed by internal and external customers, suppliers, allies, partners, in general, any figure directly or indirectly related to the project, is essential if you are looking not only to generate the impact of delivering a “unique experience” but also, keep that “emotion” in force in the long term.

The needs of the individuals landed after the global economic debacle, together with technological innovation, have allowed the emergence of a new civilization, new interests that conform new scales of values ​​and, therefore, new norms of behavior and ways of living.

All this revolves around the emotions derived from the establishment of human links, focused on credibility and trust, companies that seek to be emotional, must assume the change as real. It is what will allow them to approach the consumer’s experience!

By ZsuNC

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