We know that our products and services meet the needs of our potential customers, at least that should be the case. On the other hand, we are convinced that this same rule determines the purchase of our services. We believe that our customers buy us for the sole reason of satisfying a need. Well, this is not necessarily true.

Apparently, the decision process of buying people, goes through trying to meet our needs in the same way that other people like us are doing. The choice that other people have made about the supplier of a product or service directly influences our purchase decision.

If it is true that we trust in the choices that other people make about suppliers, it is perhaps necessary that the interactions between the companies and their clients should be publicly displayed so that other people can trust and choose us in their purchase decision. Social networks are a good tool for these actions.

To ensure the repeat purchase, the key moment is not necessarily the time of purchase but the experiences you receive from the brand at times when you are not buying. These are the best moments to strengthen lasting relationships and encourage loyalty. If we improve the experience of our customers, we not only ensure the repeat purchase, we will also favor the choice of buying the contacts of our customers.

At this point, we ask ourselves: how can we improve the experience of our clients? For this, it is necessary to be very clear about how our client is, what motivates them and what they value. In this way we will discover the actions we can take to improve your experience with our brand.

Finally, we will ask ourselves how to get the first customers? For this, it is only necessary to identify what information they are looking for and where, that will help them in their choice of purchase. The second step would be to create that kind of content. We must remember that the true sales process consists in giving tools that help in the choice of purchase.

By ZsuNC

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