The attention of experts and specialized media seems to be practically centered today on what mobile and social advertising can bring to companies, but SMEs do not let SMEs leave e-mail aside. 

This tool, of the first that appeared in the digital world, continues to claim for itself the full attention of the smallest companies. According to the new data from Constant Contact, 60% of SMEs are active in their use and continue to work on the growth of mailing lists.

The mailing lists continue to demand the attention of SMEsAccording to the study, about half of SMBs (44%) say they are focused on developing and growing contact lists because it helps with business continuity and activity while 39% say that email improves Relationship with customers.

How do they get new mailing addresses to add to their lists? About one-third (35%) use forms located at the point of sale, while 42% collect business cards.

“The growth of lists, and the possible benefits that this may entail, are clearly in the minds of small business owners. They understand perfectly that customer interaction is key both to maintaining current relationships and creating new ones, and one of the best ways to do that is through email marketing, “says Christopher M. Litster, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Constant Contact. “More than two thirds of respondents said they train their employees to request customer contact information. As e-mail maintains its central position in SMB marketing, the growth of mailing lists and mailing lists is an initiative that business owners are making all employees embrace, from sellers to cashier, Or auxiliaries “.

Other data from the study reinforce this idea. So:

  • 66% of SMEs train their employees in how to request contact information (email) from customers;
  • 92% of SMEs get new e-mail addresses via online forms on their web pages;
  • 46% of SMBs also get email addresses through forms on Facebook.

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