A new study by the mobility marketing and technology company Vibes, reveals that most consumers carry the phone while they shop, opening a great opportunity for those businesses concerned with showrooming, offering them new tools to help them in the process of decision of a purchase.

The mobile is already an inseparable tool for consumers during their off-line purchasesThe company Vibes has consulted 1000 owners of mobile phones over 18 years, and has found that there are new ways in which brick-and-mortar stores can help consumers find what they are looking for.

According to the study of Vibes:

  • 84% of the “showrooming shoppers” (those customers who go to the stores to check the characteristics of a product that they will then buy online) have carried out a study on the product while shopping in the store.
  • 33% of consumers admit that while they were in a store, they have made comparisons with another’s website.
  • 6% will probably abandon the purchase in a store to buy in another business.

QR codes Codes are an excellent opportunity that businesses have to provide customers with updated information on their products. 27% of smartphone owners, according to Vibes in their study, have scanned a QR code in a store.

According to Vibes, consumers are more inclined to buy when they can more easily access product information. After scanning, or sending a message requesting more information, 48% of respondents said they were much more satisfied with their purchase, and 14% had scanned or written to have more information, they bought something that they did not have provided.

“Consumers have an emotional reaction when they find the right information,” says the report. This connection is very important that stores can create with their clients, providing them with the information that makes them feel better with their purchase decision is a powerful opportunity. ”

“In addition, it is a perfectly feasible possibility through a mobile experience, from the moment that allows immediately to deter or encourage the buyer at the same time you are trying to make a decision.”

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