Content marketing is consolidated as the basis of the success of any strategy in Social Media. For this, the brand must bring value, creating quality content, which makes it stand out and capture the attention of its target audience.

In addition to the content in text mode, the image is becoming increasingly important. It is a means capable of drawing attention at a single glance, of catching the user and transmitting information in a fast and efficient, while very attractive. That is why brands become more and more visual, with each passing day adapting to their strategy, in order to take full advantage of its potential.

The power of the image to tell storiesThus, social visual platforms, such as Pinterest or Instagram have a large number of fans, and brands also want to make a dent in that territory. In addition to applying this new strategy focused on the image to the rest of channels 2.0.

According to MarketingProfs and the CMI in a recent study, companies must generate enough content to attract their customers. 52% of the respondents also emphasize that it is important that this content hooks up, so it is advisable to be varied (45%).

To facilitate the task, social networks have also evolved and facilitate the means to share content of varied nature, as well as giving greater prominence to the image, which is a great advantage that you should not miss:

  • You have the tools at your disposal, which allows you to tell the story in another way, taking advantage of the power of the image and its facilities to be shared and vitalized.
  • What implies that you can not remain impassive, you have the obligation to renew yourself, to reinvent the way you present the information, as well as the quality of it. Now more than ever, you must take care of your images, betting on quality photographs, which in themselves transmit a message, capturing all the protagonism.
  • The higher quality, the more opportunities to be shared. The ultimate purpose of the content is to capture the attention of the audience, make it their own and as such want to make known among their own. In this way it transmits the message of the mark, and the reference, thus influencing its environment. An inspiring image, useful infographics or an explanatory video can open many doors and become part of the personal time line of your users.
  • Use the content to convey the personality of your brand,which really represents your values and is easily associable. In this way, you will gradually gain notoriety as a brand, not just for your message. Your content will not eclipse who you really are, but will reinforce your corporate presence.

How do you take advantage of the power of the image?

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