Online video advertising continues to grow significantly in 2012, and more and more advertisers are seeing many advantages and benefits in the use of interactive online video campaigns. The latest VINDICO report analyzes the evolution of online video advertising in the Retail sector, and how it can impact the usual shopping stations.

The use of online video in the retail sector grows although it still does not take advantage of all its possibilitiesAccording to the analysis, 76% of the websites where advertisers put advertising are prepared to support interactive videos. However, only 21% of advertisers in this industry add interactive elements to their online video advertising. The company sees a clear increase in the capabilities offered by technology and players, but warns that now it is advertisers who have to use these options to take advantage of their advantages.
Although the data continues to reflect significant growth in the online video advertising sector, there is still a clear trend in which traditional TV campaigns are replicated in the digital world. But the tendency to simply copy the plans of audiovisual media in the digital sector does not maximize the potential offered by this support. In the digital world, the participation of the spectators is intrinsic. It is a space that encourages “communication” between one side and the other, as well as the exchange of information.
“Online video advertising offers the retail sector a unique way to show their products and motivate consumers to action,” explains Sonia Fernandez, general director of VINDICO for Europe. “The data indicates a general strategy linked to the most important commercial stations that is reflected in the TV campaigns, but, nevertheless, the excellent opportunity offered by the interactive formats remains outside these plans. It’s time to be more aggressive with messages throughout the year and motivate interaction with consumers. “
By the very nature of their activity, retailers seek to create direct transactions. Thanks to this, this sector is in an excellent position to work directly with consumers and find the trends and techniques that work best, and that can help other vertical advertisers reach their goals.
In general, retail advertisers always concentrate their advertising campaigns to the maximum during the last quarter of the year, to make them coincide with the periods of seasonal purchases. In the event that the benefits offered by these media are not taken advantage of, retailers miss an invaluable opportunity to interact directly with digital viewers.

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