In certain sections of your life you can get to have your short term and long term professional strategy a sense of disorder. Some of these symptoms may be these:

  • Never get 100% of the tasks; you go with tongue out and the feeling of needing twice as many hours
  • You become 100% reactive to events. You live putting out fires and unable to plan anything
  • You’ve been years without being able to spend time nothing exciting. These training courses you wanted to do, look to apply in any job that can fill you take more or start with an idea you had for months.

In matters of personal productivity we are most great experts in our brains send wrong phrases:

  • “This is impossible to do,” he said this internally our brain stops thinking about solutions
  • “I know this seems complicated change, but as I could do,” Here your brain starts

If we are able to align our knowledge, skills and desires, we can create productive habits that help in achieving goals

Tips for ordering your professional life and be more effectiveKey practices to be more efficient

Once aligned these 3 elements, we can implement some practical advice:

1-   Complete picture of your current situation: If you want changes must first know well that you want to change. If you can make annotations for a few days all that you have done and the time you have spent on each task or activity. This gives you a clear picture of how well they take advantage of the time.

2- Locate your “AAR”: Productivity in any manual will find a section where you talk to prioritize important tasks. The AAR is highly profitable activities. Once you have them the important thing is to build our roadmap around them. Everything else is what is modifiable.

3- Design your own philosophy +1: If you really put your mind can do sport 1 time a week, learn one phrase in English a day, attend one interesting event every month or read 1 reference book every 15 days. Find 3 small but important actions you can carry out every day and make a solid habit. Small changes are powerful!

4- Use productivity tools to lighten the work: We have plenty of tools to be more organized and made ​​more effective. Google calendar, evernote, hootsuite … you will find the more useful and spider few minutes each day.

5- Learn to say no when necessary: How many times have we designed everything to do one day to go well, someone comes along with some “urgent” unforeseen and everything is going to take wind. I say no, excuse yourself and continues apace.

6- Eliminates the philosophy of constant complaint: We do not realize and lose much energy and time to shout at 7 winds unfair it all is. If we invest strength and character in all solutions will provide more bearable.

Most important of all, we want to know what changes and improvements in productivity. They are to have more free time? To win more money? To raise more ambitious scenarios? Stop this; it is very healthy to consider these points:

  • Where I want to be in 5 years?
  • What are my long-term goals? And short-term?
  • What are the elements that irritate me and not allow me to be more productive?
  • What are my skills? How I can exploit better?
  • What are my weaknesses? How I can do that not much notice?

In the answers to these questions is our true plan of productivity and efficiency.

By ZsuNC

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