Tablets have become the ideal device to consume content. Gartner forecasts that this year will sell 197 million tablets, a significant increase over the 116 million in 2012.

It is a comfortable, useful, intuitive and with great visual potential, which makes the information it displays more appealing. Features that in turn contribute to encourage mcommerce. In fact, 39% of its users use it to buy, reports Experian Marketing Services, compared to 8% of smartphones. The volume of e-commerce registered through the tablets is expected to reach 31 thousand million dollars in 2015.

Visual Content The key to hooking tablet usersHowever, tablet users still have a major barrier to accessing content. Zmags indicates that less than a third of the websites are optimized for these smart screens. Brands should take this device into account, and take full advantage of its potential by developing a specific content strategy:

It creates content specially indicated for this device, using the appropriate programming language, that allows its readability and facilitates the navigation. Keep in mind also that some resources like Flash can give problems.

Take advantage of its great visual appeal. A picture is worth a thousand words, and tablets are the language par excellence. The large size of the screen allows to give a special prominence to the graphic content, which can magnify the product, making it easier for users to appreciate it in more detail; As well as using high-quality creative images that powerfully draw the attention of the target audience.

Make sure the content is accessible in as many formats as possible. Consider the possibility of creating a specific app, for example to present your product catalog; Can be a powerful sales tool.

It encourages interaction. It includes the social buttons, so that users can either share the content, or contact the company directly to get a closer look. If your content has been able to arouse interest, take advantage of the opportunity to generate engagement and that this initial contact translates into conversion.

/ VISUAL an example with which PuroMarketing bets on the image

Under these premises, PuroMarketing has also built its new platform called  / VISUAL  where access to information is developed under a more interactive, dynamic and visual environment in which images play a leading role, and which has been conceived with the aim of Become a friendly environment for those looking for a different way of accessing information. / VISUAL also offers all users the possibility to organize their favorite contents or visually access the contents marked for reading at any time.

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