One of the great advantages of the smartphone is that it allows to be connected at any time and place; Which facilitates the possibility of finding information where and when you need it. This has made the mobile an inseparable complement of consumers. The study of Mediative has analyzed the local searches of these users, discovering what their needs are and what kind of information they demand.

What kind of local searches are most popular among mobile usersWhat products do users most demand?

What most mobile users look for local items are related to food and fashion. It is, therefore, information that they need at that time, and shows a clear intention to purchase, either online or offline. Overall, the study showed similar behavior between men and women. Only men use mobile than women to seek information on transport and car, along with electronics.

35% of the respondents do these searches frequently, 1 to 3 times a week; especially on items of personal care, food and fashion. Another example of smartphone integration in the day to day of consumers. Instead, the information related to travel, home and maintenance or home repairs are less demanded.

As for the type of search, it points out that users who need information about transport, finance and leisure specifically looking for the name of the company; While in the case of services related to repairs and maintenance of the home, generic searches are mainly registered.

Main reasons that lead them to do these local searches

Users use their mobile to check in and find discounts and offers in their immediate environment. Twenty percent did so at least once a week, along with 9.9% practicing daily; 35% of them were between 18 and 34 years old. Although it is also possible to say that 45% of the participants in the survey recognize that they have never checked in a business; 64% of eyepieces were older than 34 years.

As a complement to the data of this study, mention should be made of the rise of showrooming. Last week Parago indicated that 58% of users already use their mobile phone while shopping, a trend that has increased by 400% in the last year.

Do you feel identified? What do you use of your smartphone?

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