Social networks continue to grow and evolve, becoming increasingly relevant and important for companies and brands seeking new professionals who can meet the challenge of launching and successfully completing their social media strategies.

The profile of these new professionals on many occasions seems not to be too clear, perhaps due to the ignorance of the functioning of these media by many companies.

However, as this new market evolves, many other companies begin to have clearer their needs and objectives, and with it, a more defined profile of these professionals, as well as the requirements and knowledge required that are reflected in the job offers that they aim to incorporate social media professionals into the structure of the company itself.

Below we show, 10 of some of the most common aspects and requirements in the job offers of companies looking for professionals from Social Media. Logically, not all of them should be performed by the same professional.

  • Generate and manage the flow of shared information as well as the generation of original content with high value for positioning strategies (SEO).
  • Encourage participation and interaction with networks of contacts to increase brand awareness.
  • Generate ‘Buzz’ or actions capable of gaining relevance through the viral or word of mouth effect.
  • Training to plan and generate ‘social campaigns’
  • Plan strategies to increase the volume of users, members or potential customers, as well as traffic and commitment within corporate sites.
  • Attend and Interact with the members of the different communities.
  • Generate web seminars or informative content for social exchange
  • Advise the development team on the possible improvements to integrate in the sites of the company itself
  • Use social media with the aim of directing traffic / sales / objectives / etc …
  • Identify relevant trends, advising and directing the ‘content creators’
  • Ability to analyze Return on investment (ROI)

Regarding training and experience, the most mentioned requirements are the following although they may be relative depending on the type of function to be developed.

  • Degree in marketing, communication or business.
  • Academic degree of master (or master), MBA
  • Professional experience between 2 to 10 years.
  • Good strong writing, information and content editing skills.
  • Native language and English
  • Knowledge of basic HTML
  • Customer Relationship

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