For whoever made the decision to design, construct and distribute it, you had to never open it. Which means that the person who took this decision does not put the customer at the center, but levered in the traditional business approach by which it is first created and then sold.

Today we recognize that the customer is the center because he is the one who generates income in our income statement and because a sustainable relationship with him, said that income in the medium and long term. Today we recognize that we must first understand their problems, their needs, their desires, their expectations, to create accordingly so they can sell.

Why do I need scissors to open a productAnd what is the best way to understand him? Get on your skin, empathize with him in the purest way, living your experience with our brand in person. A very healthy branding exercise is to conduct a Mystery Analytics team with the company brand. That is, go in search and capture of our own product or service as a customer would, following the same customer journey, comparing, buying it and opening it (or can not) just as he would.

So truly we understand the reality of our brand from their perspective. As he will despair us waste time, a fingernail or even a tooth, we get to give up and curse cursing and swearing brand that we will never buy it. Like him, we will experience what we feel in trying to consume.

This experience will help us to understand the customer rather than market research read. Because as the saying goes, it is not the same as seeing it live it.

Once we lived the experience we realize the hassle of least have to find a pair of scissors to open the product. And only then will we be able to consider changing our processes to design, manufacture and distribute a product that does not need scissors. And just when in fact they sell and see the positive and sustainable impact on our income statement, we will realize it was worth.

Because if instead of releasing customer hassles bother you, another will that will make life easier and he will go with your money. Therefore, think of him always and in everything we do, to build a strong and lasting relationship between our brand and in creating a strong functional and emotional connection.

So far we have only spoken of the most practical and functional benefit that we can move our product. However, the fact is that once at this point we can get the client not to go, but not necessarily want to stay. We want to stay to build an emotional bond with him. Speak from our personality, from our contribution to the world, commit ourselves with him and what matters, are some of the ways that we can build a relationship that has the potential not only to stay but also prosper in the long term.

Of course, a practical container and to provide a good point of contact which engage the functional and emotional bond. Indeed not use it would be a big mistake. Still, as experience is the sum of all interaction with the brand, we must think beyond the package.

Can you imagine the future prefabricates were really easy? Brands can do this and more.

By ZsuNC

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