Following the conclusions of the latest study  developed by Vistage, where small businesses put their trust in LinkedIn, and yet only 3% acknowledge its usefulness, a lack of knowledge about the high potential of this microblogging social platform and how it can Benefit the brand.

Why SMBs should use Twitter in their Social Media strategyTwitter however, has managed to conquer many large and small companies that take advantage of the features and features of the micrologging social network to develop a strategy and presence really active. But what are some of the main reasons why it is worth having Twitter in our 2.0 strategy and how companies are taking advantage of their potential?

Brings personality to the brand. Twitter allows the brand to show its more human side, approach the first-person audience and show that it cares about them. It is the perfect channel to convey the brand’s way of thinking, what it can bring to social conversation, and how it is able to express itself to you and its followers.

To do this, it can not base its actions on the emission of commercial messages, nor in the mere replica of tweets from other sources. You must contribute your personal vision, complete the information with added value, such as photos or related videos. The tone of the conversation on Twitter is more relaxed, less formal than in other areas, such as LinkedIn; Here you can have funny comments and personal assessments. It is another way of communicating, more direct and intimate.

It is very useful for transmitting information quickly and easily. The nature of your messages, with a maximum length of 140 characters, forces you to extract the essence of the message, sharpen the wit when it comes to contracting information and use creativity in order that your tweet stands out among the thousands that each second populate The twittosphere.

In this way, it facilitates the transmission of information, as well as the assimilation of the main content; Which, it becomes easier to digest. Give your tweets that special spark they need to grab attention and encourage RT.

It allows taking an active part of social discourse, in addition to the great advantage of being able to react in time. This social platform is wasting activity, messages and comments are continuously released, which are public and can be easily monitored. Thanks to this monitoring the brand can know in real time what is said about your company, what are the most relevant issues for your company and what trends the market.

The monitoring also facilitates the registration of messages directed specifically to the brand, its mentions and calls for attention; In front of which the brand must make an appearance with their response and take the opportunity to interact with their followers and encourage engagement.

It can be used as a customer service channel. For the advantages described above, Twitter is the ideal channel to meet the requests of users, quickly and effectively, saving time and money, as well as transmit an image of seriousness that reverts positively in the users confidence in the brand.

This implies having a person in charge of the customer service through the social networks that has the experience and training necessary to be able to properly manage the requests by the consumers.

Do you use Twitter in your Social Media strategy? What advantages would you highlight?

By ZsuNC

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