Storage shelves are versatile, so they are always in demand. They also have other benefits, so let’s take a look at why you should invest in long span racks.

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Long span racks offer strength and agility and are suitable for any size or type of goods. They give as much usage as the amount of space they occupy and are one of the better choices for industrial units and retail outlets. Anyone can construct and install this type of rack shelving Ireland; what’s more, it is quick to disassemble if you need to move it around.

The most popular materials are mesh, steel and wood, which can be customised to the required size, colour, thickness and configuration.

Advantages of long span racking shelves:

– Can accommodate heavy-duty and larger items with ease.
– Uninterrupted bays for loading and unloading and easier logistical planning.
– Minimal assembly with no previous knowledge or experience required.
– Good portability if you need to take them offsite or move then around when reorganising your space.
– Maximise space, especially if you use vertical units.
– Cleaner decor and lines in your home or factory, making for a more harmonious atmosphere.

The materials, formats, styles and textures of long span racking are continually evolving. Some of the latest innovations include diverse tiered shelving structures and a choice of beams to cater to different types of load. Multi-use units can facilitate manual picking, storage of varying weights and sizes and automated robot selection, all from the same unit.

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Types of material

A solution to suit every industry is available from suppliers such as Long span racking shelves have widespread use across retail outlets, factories, warehouses, basement areas, schools and office spaces.

Steel is the most popular material used in retail outlets for display purposes. Wood is common throughout workshops, schools and offices, and is extremely cost-effective. Mesh shelves are fire-safe and do not catch dust, leaving them easy to maintain.

A good shelving option is one that doesn’t compromise on design, functionality or style. It uses space to maximum potential.

An essential element of any business or household, shelving enables you to keep your items organised and accessible. Doing so creates a sense of calm, confidence and positivity that enables workers and family members alike to carry out their daily tasks with ease.

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