There are some entrepreneurs when they start a project, or marketing managers of established companies that believe they have the certainty to be looking at what makes competition is antagonistic to an innovative and leading position in a competitive market. At this point, I have it clear: there always with an eye on the competition.

Why? Do a brief summary:

  • Because you can get new ideas
  • Because you can see where fail and better communicate your value proposition
  • Because if you do not look to anyone and you just look at the navel, you may be late coming to some variation or new market trend.

2.0 Benchmarking What can you learn from your competitors onlineBenchmarking 2.0: Value information we can take out of competition

To get more on these are some of the actions you can take to find out about the online competition:

1- To analyze the origin of the link of your competitors: It will give you a vision of what kind of websites collaborates and may give you ideas for new collaborations.

2- Take out a study of the SEO competition strategy: This is very interesting to see what keywords they are giving importance. To this end I propose two tools:

  • Metricspot: It’s free and very easy to use and gives you an overview of SEO and usability of the website you want
  • SEOguardian: This is already a comprehensive payment tool if you need is delve into the matter.

3- What is saying about your competition? As you monitor what they say about you, you can do the same with your “buddies” sector. Just use Google Alerts.

4- Compare some metrics in social media with yours: Taking some simple data and can draw conclusions:

  • Number of followers or fans
  • What kind of messages they receive more interaction from users
  • Set yourself in tone, time of publication, what other networks are….

5- Analyze what keywords used to Adwords: I would like to know who compete or who is better positioned to improve your campaigns?

6- Web Usability: If you’re thinking about making changes to your website and want to see where your competition fails at this point you can choose to make a quick foray with free tools.

7-  Pricing:  Many of you have checked the prices of competition before entering a sector but you may need to be always up to date with market prices, for that there are effective and customizable tools that can automate this task.

Do not forget that a constant study of your competition you can bring many things and even if we reach an impressive number of tools that help us to work on.

By ZsuNC

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