This is one of the great debates of blogging, monetizing or not monetize a personal blog. Y and n decide if you want to make money with a blog, how to do it elegantly, without losing readers by the way. In first I’ll give you three recommendations in this regard:

  • No monetizing the blog too soon. First you have to earn the trust of readers before taking economic performance.
  • Accept that you cannot please 100% of your audience. I say this because when you start monetizing surely receive some criticism. Most unfair in my view.
  • When you try to monetize it is good not to lose the essence of the blog and do not forget that people come to you because you bring value information related concerns or worries.

5 elegant ways to earn money with a blog5 smart ways to make money with your blog

These are the top 5 ways you can take without going into radical changes that endanger your blog;

1- Sale of professional services: This is definitely the cleanest way to monetize a blog. Many professionals choose this path and thus have the blog 100% clean banners, pop-ups and paid content. Surely the way is a bit longer but the medium term is profitable if the content is actually provided value and linked to the services they want to sell.

2- Platforms related articles: This formula is newer and has its origin in as many companies are betting on “branded content” or branded content. There are some platforms like Outbrain or shareaholic where you can make available a space of your blog for other articles related to your content. These items are usually pieces of content to sell, more indirectly, some products or services. With this you will be paid to CPC.

3- Useful tools Kit: This would be a good way to make money with affiliates. You can select tools, products or services useful to your readers; you have used and recommend to a friend for example. Once select, you can offer it as your “tool pack” professional with special conditions for blog readers. You assembled and receive a commission for each sale that is made of these products from your affiliate code.

4- Noninvasive Advertising: A “little traumatic” way of introducing advertising on the blog is doing with banners aside under the title sponsorship or advertising. While it is identified, and does not interfere with reading the content, it does not have to annoy users.

5- Sponsored items “consistent”: This is an issue that cannot be abused because you can lose all your credibility as a blogger but you can give the following:

  • The theme of the article fits well.
  • Apart from mentioning the company in question is given relevant information.
  • It is a product or service useful and good.

What are for you the most elegant ways to make money with a blog?

By ZsuNC

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