The technological revolution has caught by surprise retailers.Customers demand an integrated shopping experience across all channels; however, their requests have not yet been heard.

According to the report Mozu collected, only 31% of companies have an omnichannel strategy, while 40% have no plans to invest in technology to get closer to its customers.

But for customers it is important technology, and have adopted almost naturally in their daily lives. 85% of consumers admit that uses your mobile device when shopping within the store. Would be very positive for them to enjoy the same experience regardless of the channel chosen to buy.

Are retailers prepared for the new generation of technologyIn fact, according SDL, 66% was willing to pay more in order to enjoy a better experience. One of the most frustrating is the fact that the product is not available at the store, although Internet itself appears as such (60%). Similarly, it does not favor any customer experience that the online version shows an offer of different products that can be found in the store, and vice versa (47%).

Not to mention the difficulties facing mobile buyers. If something is going to characterize this Christmas season, is your online character; with special prominence of mobile devices. According to Amex, this year half of consumers will use their smartphone to buy. SDL data raise this percentage to 79%, whereas in the case of the PC, which stands at 83%.

In any case, companies admit they are not prepared to offer a mobile experience to rise to the occasion. Just 1 in 3 sees the mCommerce is a priority, according to eBay Enterprise. 68% of them will not increase their investment, or even maintain the previous year.

In the words of Jason Wallis, CTO of Mozu, if companies want to adapt to the new generation of technology will have to develop a customer-focused strategy; to foster its relationship with the brand and contribute to provide a fully satisfactory experience.

The next step will be to adapt a multichannel strategy, making technology an ally that allows it to live up to the expectations of the most adept at technology customers. Thus, they may finally provide integrated multichannel experience that longed; that 90% of consumers would like to enjoy this holiday season.

Customers want to interact with the brand through various means of contact. This is indicated by Mark Lancaster, CEO and founder of SDL. More than ever, in this important shopping season, it is necessary that companies are willing to serve its customers, wherever they are; regardless of time and chosen channel.

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